Horoscope for 2017

The ruler of 2017, the Fire Rooster, is well-known for its dedication to work and its goal-oriented nature. These very traits will dominate in the coming year of 2017, and will help to achieve huge payoffs and fundamentally change one’s life in a more positive direction. By the lunar calendar the reign of the Red Fire Rooster will come into effect on January 28th, but the element of fire is never able to be calm for long. Although the coming year will be filled to the brim with energy, all spheres of life will be very well-balanced and harmonious.

Horoscope for 2017: General forecast for the year of the Fire Rooster

The Rooster is an excellent organizer and prefers an active way of life. From a mile away the Rooster feels success approaching and will never pass up his chance at attaining it. Because of this in the coming year everyone without exception will receive a lot of new opportunities, which will allow for one’s plans to be realized during this time. The energetic and optimistic Rooster will facilitate the productivity of one’s work and the improvement of results. In addition this energy will be in effect not only in social and professional spheres of life, but also in the realm of relationships. The Rooster leaves no one outside his attention and as a result, members of all zodiac signs can count on positive shifts, a series of pleasing encounters, meetings, friendships and improved well-being. The jaunty Fire Rooster will never allow himself to be bored for a single minute, he’ll never put something off for another day, but will instead invoke his exuberant activity to achieve his decided-upon goal. Many people will reevaluate their values and priorities during this period, and will start to view their lives from a different perspective. The influence of the Rooster will show all that life is never boring, that there are infinite avenues for happiness and opportunity, all of which are imperative to use to improve the quality of one’s life.

Horoscope for 2017: Forecast for the professional and financial domains

Thanks to the fortunate positioning of the planets and the active nature of the ruler of the year, the professional side of life will enthusiastically begin to develop. This year will bring good fortune to all members of all signs of the zodiac, it will open new avenues of development and will offer many profitable propositions and useful acquaintances. At this time it will be possible to boldly search for a new job or change your profession, especially if your former work conditions didn’t suit you. 2017 offers the chance to find more dignified work with the potential for career growth and for signing a business partnership with profitable beginnings. If you wish to start your own business, the stars promise to create all the conditions and fortuitous circumstances for successful realization of this idea in your life. In the year of the Rooster new ideas and skills will appear with astounding ease, and creative individuals will achieve huge success on their path to self-perfection and to the development of their skills and talents. In connection with the retrograde movement of Mercury and Jupiter, members of several signs will receive offers for work abroad, which they will gladly accept. Because of course this is a chance not only to improve your financial position, but also an opportunity to learn a lot - the particulars of another country’s people, their tourist attractions, traditions, and also to receive invaluable knowledge and experience. For the patriotic, the stars promise excellent opportunities to influence this situation in their favor. They will be able to defend their opinion and their interests, achieve an increase in investments or in their work position. For this to occur, it’s important to become more persistent and to stop being afraid of expressing your opinion. The Rooster always brings an action to its completion, and so he will never give up halfway to success. At the beginning of this year, many will take up gambling and with uncharacteristic zeal they will rush to achieve new heights. The wheels of fortune will be inclined to approve of such activities, and all will be successful in the best manner. Here it’s best to rely on one’s own strength in order to stay on track. Тhere will be much enthusiasm in this year, maybe even too much.

Horoscope for love in 2017: Forecast for personal relationships

The Red Rooster can be quite restless and is inclined toward power in all things, and so in relationships it makes sense to expect the same. Those couples, whose relationships are built on partnership, will feel most comfortable and will aim toward perfection and growth. But family life will most likely not take place only within the walls of the family home. In this year there will be few who want to be homebodies - everyone will choose to search for variety in their relationships, to bring some kind of newness and freshness. Those who have yet to meet their other half have Venus on their side. But stable relationships will connect only those who engage actively and energetically with the world. The Red Rooster will give these people many new impressions, emotions and passionate feelings. Astrologers expect that this year will be the most romantic and passionate for those in love.

In general, the Red Rooster will bring members of each sign a lot of positive transformations, bright and unforgettable impressions and will fill each person’s life with new meaning.

Horoscope for 2017:
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