Horoscope for February 2017

Horoscope for February 2017 Horoscope for February 2017 strongly recommends to refrain from fundamental changes in your daily routine. With the controlling planets having little to no concern about the future of mankind, it is quite irrational to take risky steps in any direction. Before breaking your previously established routine, think over rather carefully whether you really need any kind of changes at all.

Stars recommend to stick to a rather conservative routine in the first decade of February. Even if you are thinking over a rather promising business idea for a while now, even if you can not wait to rush into battle and prove to the world the consistency of this project, even in this case February will not become your faithful ally! Every single project you will get your hands on will make you constantly face unexpected obstacles. On top of that, it is quite likely that in your pursuit of realizing your cherished dream, you will find yourself on the verge of total failure! Therefore, the most rational scenario in the first decade of February 2017 is a measured solution of current affairs and careful planning of your future success. Stars also warn people working for enterprises that in February aggressive moods are quite likely to "possess" many people. There's no need to rush into negative responses toward such behaviours, since the more decent your behaviour is, the more likely it is that your work place does not turn into a bloody "battlefield".

The second decade of February will be marked by a shift of priorities to the issues related to personal relationships. Don't act surprised if at this point you often hear criticism of your behaviour (this will be caused by the good old notorious aggression, which will take over the lives of many people at the end of winter 2017). Of course, it's less than pleasant to become the target of someone's attacks every day, but it does not give you the right to yell, raise hell, bring on hysteria and express your disagreement with the interlocutor's point of view in any other violent way. So, how on earth can you find a common language with your bitter opponents? This will become possible if you learn to respond to all their attacks with a disarming smile. The same advice applies to all those married couples. When your partner will go "berserk" again, neutralize him or her with a pair of sweet words or harmless jokes.

Health issues will rise to the surface in the third decade of February requiring your undivided attention. If this winter you were celebrating your escape from seasonal colds, at this point you will feel the "joy" of aching joints and will dust off your grandmother's recipe of herbal decoction. However, a couple of days spent in bed can be your kind of a break from the busy working schedule. Besides, lying under a warm blanket with a TV and a laptop by our side, is the best way to produce genius ideas and build plans for the overwhelming future success.


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