Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit

Chinese horoscope for Rabbit image There is nothing the Chinese horoscope for Rabbit wants more than harmony and inner peace. They are always in tune with the pulse of the universe, and they enjoy their moments of quiet solitude. The Chinese horoscope for Rabbit describes a person who can conform to any situation and who gets along with most everyone.

Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit - The Strengths of the Rabbit
Chinese horoscope year of the Rabbit is considered to be the most fortunate of them all. They are a symbol of longevity, and they receive their gifts from the moon. They are very in tune with the world and universe around them, and are often able to see feelings and auras that others can't.

There is no one more gracious or better mannered than the Chinese horoscope year of the Rabbit. Others may work hard to always be polite and win the favor of those around them, but to the Rabbit it simply comes naturally. Whenever a situation arises that calls for tact, the Rabbit will rise to the occasion and be the perfect person to handle a delicate situation.

They are great listeners and offer great advice. Many people listen to others and constantly have their own feelings and thoughts on their minds, but the Chinese horoscope year of the Rabbit covers those who listen just to listen. Their ability to sense the feelings of others makes them great at giving advice, because they can read between the lines and often understand the situations of others better than those who are actually going through the situations.

It's almost possible to know that someone is a Chinese horoscope for Rabbit simply by looking at them. They are graceful and elegant, and always dressed with beauty in mind. They're quite soft spoken, so when a Rabbit talks it's up to everyone around to hush up and listen. They will not raise their voices, and they will not command the attention of others. They are quite happy to be alone and will rarely seek out the company of others - though they are great company when they come around.

The Chinese horoscope year of the Rabbit includes people who are naturally reserved and often quite creative. This frequently takes the guise of being artistic, though they can be creative in other ways as well. Unlike other creative Chinese zodiac signs, the Rabbit possesses good judgment, and so it's likely they won't pursue a career unless they feel there's an excellent chance they'll be successful. As a result, they often don't follow the dreams of an artistic career and lifestyle.

Most commonly they'll be employed in jobs in business, law, government and research. This is due in large part to the luck that's associated with the Chinese horoscope year of the Rabbit, as well as their ability to make wise decisions. They are in tune to nature, but they are not flighty. They're strong-willed, self-assured, and when they have a goal they pursue it with a methodical precision that ensures their goals are met.

Chinese Horoscope for the Rabbit - The Weaknesses of the Rabbit
The biggest negative attribute associated with the Chinese horoscope year of the Rabbit is their ability to be cunning, and sometimes even ruthless. Because they are so in tune with nature and so goal oriented, they can sometimes use those advantages to their own advantage - regardless of how it affects others.

They can be quite self-indulgent with both their time and their money. They do like to spend time with others, but when they get bored with someone or something, they're likely to drop it without a second thought. They are not always the best long-term partners because they can frequently get out when conflict begins to arise. Often their methods and feelings are mysterious to others, because the Chinese horoscope year of the Rabbit is a person who sees the motives of others so well - and assumes that everyone else has the same powers of persuasion.

Chinese Horoscope for Rabbit - Compatible Signs
The best matches for the Chinese horoscope year of the Rabbit are the Sheep and the Boar. Their opposite, and often nemesis or enemy, is the Rooster.

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