Chinese Horoscope for Snake

Chinese horoscope for Snake image The 2013 year will be the year of Black Snake. Read complete Horoscope 2013 for your zodiac sign.

The Chinese horoscope for Snake shows us a person who is wise beyond their years and beyond the ages. They truly hold the keys to every mystery in life. They are purposeful people who are constant and easy to rely on. They do not change easily and they yield to no one. The Chinese horoscope for Snake is one of stability and one of perseverance. They will fight for what they believe is right in the face of tremendous adversity.

Chinese Horoscope for Snake - The Strengths of the Snake
You'll find that one of the biggest strengths of the Chinese horoscope year of the Snake is their intelligence. They are the perfect philosopher, theologian and politic wizard. Not only do they have a very sharp and wise mind, but they understand people, their motives, and how they work. Together these traits make them masters at many kinds of business and political careers. They're also great leaders because they have a unique way of looking at the situations of others.

In addition to the typical intelligence that a Chinese horoscope year of the Snake person has, they also have a personal wisdom that is beyond comparison. Many others may be wise about the motives of other people, but not truly be able to see their own strengths and weaknesses. This is not a problem of the Snake. Instead, they are a person who can see themselves as they really are and who will make changes in order to become the very best that they're capable of becoming.

The snake holds the power of the mind, but they are not loud and proud about it. Instead, they are graceful, quiet and soft-spoken people. While their voices may be low, others would do well to listen hard to what they have to say. They rely on their own judgment as opposed the judgment of others - which is good for everyone since the Chinese horoscope year of the Snake is all about inner and outer wisdom. They have much to offer to the world and can bring a unique and intuitive insight that is often overlooked by others.

Those born under the Chinese horoscope year of the Snake will seek out the finer things in life. They are typically very beautiful, and they want to surround themselves with things that are beautiful. If they're not born into wealth, then you can be assured they will seek it out. When a man marrieds a woman Snake, he is marrying someone who will be his biggest asset - as long as she is kept in the finest clothes and in a beautiful home. She will not be happy living a life of squalor.

Chinese Horoscope for the Snake - The Weaknesses of the Snake
Because the Chinese horoscope year of the Snake does not rely on the outside advice of others, they can have difficulty working in groups. They prefer to trust their own instincts and they're not always open to the ideas of others. They make excellent business owners and managers, but are typically not cut out to be part of the working class.

The nature of a person born under the Chinese horoscope for the Snake is skeptical. They trust their own instincts explicitly, and anyone with a differing opinion is often viewed as the enemy. What can be even more frustrating is the fact that they often keep these suspicions to themselves. That leaves others without the opportunity to defend themselves.

The Snake never stops plotting and they are literally unrelenting. While this can serve them well in their own lives, it can also lead to them being very possessive and demanding in any relationships they have in life. Being close to a Snake opens a person up to bending to the will of the Snake at all times.

Chinese Horoscope for Snake - Compatible Signs
The Ox and Rooster are both intellectual equals for those who fall under the Chinese horoscope year of the Snake. These folks can get along well because they all have a thirst for knowledge. However, the Boar is not a great partner or friend for the Snake, and these signs often do not mix well at all.

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