Horoscope for Leo

Horoscope for Leo image A horoscope for Leo encompasses several sides to the same coin. These fierce people are confident, strong, and willing to do what it takes to get what they want. On the other hand, they can be quite dramatic, and frequently want to be in charge of the show. Let's take a look at both sides of the horoscope for Leo.

Horoscope for Leo - The Strengths of Leo
Many people are drawn to the horoscope personality for Leo because they are incredibly confident. Even when they're not the top in their field, you'd never know it from the way they act. They are not afraid to toot their own horn, and they would never understand why any obstacle should stand in their way. They are very self-confident and believe in their ability to do anything.

This horoscope characteristic for Leo helps them to achieve huge goals. They are very ambitious and will do whatever it takes to meet and exceed their goals. If they've decided to accomplish something in particular, then you'd better get out of their way because nothing is going to stop them. They are often very successful business people and are often wealthy.

Another positive horoscope personality for Leo is the fact that they spread that wealth around. They're generous to a fault and are always happy to share their riches with their friends and family. When you're on the receiving end of this generosity it can be quite nice, but there's often a feeling that Leo is sharing their wealth just to show it off.

Many people are taken with the horoscope personality for Leo that they're very loyal. They decide quickly if they like someone, and if they do then they will remain loyal to that person. It can be difficult to get past this snap judgment, so a person who finds themselves on the negative end of their snap judgments may be stuck in their role for quite some time.

There may not be another sign that's as encouraging as Leo. The horoscope characteristic for Leo is that they will absolutely encourage others. While they do have a lot of confidence in themselves, it's also true that their confidence extends to others. If Leo cares strongly about a person, they will see no reason that person can't go on to achieve everything they've ever wanted.

Horoscope for Leo - The Weaknesses of Leo
With the positive horoscope personality for Leo of self-confidence, it is no surprise that they're also quite pretentious. They do believe they're the best at pretty much everything, and they won't believe someone who tries to tell them otherwise. They don't mean to be pretentious - they think they are just stating the facts - but their self-confidence can often become quite aggravating.

They believe that they know the best way to finish any task, and so they can be quite dominant and domineering. They get along best with signs who are adaptable and go with the flow, because Leo needs to get their own way at all times.

When they don't, you may see the horoscope characteristic for Leo of melodrama. A small slight is often seen as a much bigger deal than it actually is. They have a talent for taking a tiny issue and blowing it way out of proportion. What can get really aggravating is their inability to see that they're being unreasonable.

They are extremely stubborn and it's almost impossible to convince them to change their mind about anything. That's not to say they don't change their mind. However, the idea to do so must come from themselves. Trying to change the stubborn horoscope personality for Leo is not likely to yield great results. If you can't accept the lion for who they are, then you aren't likely to get along well with them.

Finally, the last horoscope characteristic for Leo is their vanity. They really do think they're the greatest around and there's no convincing them otherwise. Once again, they're not trying to be vain. They just believe it to be common knowledge that they're the greatest around. This can be amusing when they're right, and more than aggravating when they're simply grand-standing. The key is to take their vanity with a grain of salt.

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