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Horoscope for - Astrologer M. Taylor Astrologer Michael Taylor My introduction to astrology came quite by chance when I was a young college student. As part of a classroom assignment, I charted my own astrological chart, as well as the charts of several other students, and compared my predictions with actual events as they unfolded. To my amazement, the predictions were uncannily accurate!

I was hooked and spent the next several years studying the topic, from both a scientific perspective and later, as a true believer. My lifelong relationship with astrology has developed layer upon layer until I now rely heavily upon the guidance of the stars and planets for planning my day-to-day life.

The desire to tap into this cosmic well of information in order to better our lives is natural and deep-seated. It is my sincere wish that the information I provide will help others appreciate more fully realized lives.
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