Horoscope for Aquarius

Horoscope for Aquarius image Many people are often confused by a horoscope for Aquarius, because on one hand they are so in tune with others that it seems they must be emotional and easy to get close to. The truth is that this sign is a mass of contradictions, and that what you first see may not be what you get.

Horoscope for Aquarius - The Strengths of Aquarius
When it comes to a horoscope personality for Aquarius, the first thing that always comes to mind is their witty nature. They are free-flowing and willing to crack jokes at a moment's notice. They're often the funniest person at the party, though they are very respectful of others and don't typically tell jokes that others might consider in bad taste. They enjoy listening to the jokes of others and will take a good ribbing as much as they'll give it.

These are smart, clever people who are quick on the draw. They're great at banter because they can think of a good response at a moment's notice. They're often good at things like crossword puzzles and trivia because their brains work instantaneously to come up with the right answer. A horoscope characteristic for Aquarius is clever, smart, and quick.

They do care deeply about others and can frequently become depressed when they think about the state of the world today. You'll find them out volunteering, raising awareness, and otherwise focusing on humanitarian causes. Though they do typically think quite highly of themselves, they do think a lot about other people and do get genuinely concerned when they think someone isn't being treated fairly.

Many inventors are Aquarius, because inventiveness is a horoscope characteristic for Aquarius. They come up with sleek and inventive ideas all the time. They're the type to find a creative way to fix a broken muffler, or to come up with the idea behind a new play. They are original people who dress the way they want to dress and are often ahead of the trends. They're not afraid to express their individuality, which makes them either the coolest person in the crowd or an outcast for their differences.

Horoscope for Aquarius - The Weaknesses of Aquarius
A big negative horoscope personality for Aquarius is their stubbornness. They often seem to be really easy to get along with at first. And they are - as long as they aren't expected to change their world view, opinion, or plans. They want what they want when they want it, and they don't see any reason they shouldn't get it. These are people who are as stubborn and mules and completely unapologetic about it.

When you first meet an Aquarius, it's likely you'll notice that they're the life of the party and deeply concerned about humanitarian issues. This leads many to believe that they are indeed quite emotional and easy to get close to. Unfortunately, quite the opposite is true. They are actually very unemotional and they are not driven by their emotions at all. They make decisions based on what's fun and what makes sense - but do no try to tug on their heartstrings because it won't work.

Their sense of humor is legendary - and is one of the top positive horoscope characteristic for Aquarius - but it can often be negatively sarcastic. When people get used to spending time with Aquarius they often find their sarcasm to be amusing. However, it can initially be off putting and can make a person feel that Aquarius is making fun of them. In some cases, that would be a correct assessment.

Despite being a water sign, Aquarius is not going to just go with the flow. They are rebellious in nature and they are going to do what they want. The catch is that sometimes they are rebellious for the sake of being rebellious - they do not like authority. What they think they're doing in the name of being original is often just a push back against the norm.

The final negative horoscope characteristic for Aquarius is their aloofness. They don't feel the need to get close to most people, and while they are instantly nice to most, they will not typically get much closer.

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