Horoscope for Cancer

Horoscope for Cancer image A horoscope for Cancer will show that these adaptive and responsive folks are some of the most caring and sweet people around. However, one thing that's quickly apparent about these signs is that they are a mass of contradictions. Wherever you see a strength in a horoscope for Cancer, you're likely to see a weakness reflected.

Horoscope for Cancer - The Strengths of Cancer
Those in search of a loyal friend or partner will do well to choose a cancer. This horoscope characteristic for Cancer makes them excellent allies in any situation, whether it's a team mate, a co-worker or a romantic partner. They are there for the people they love, and they love those people very deeply.

Some loyal signs are loyal when it's convenient, but a horoscope personality for Cancer proves they're also very dependable. This is a sign that's going to do what they say they're going to do. Their loyalty knows no bounds, and they can be counted on. They make great employees because you know they'll show up for work on time, every time, and they'll be loyal to the company.

These are people who generally care too. One of the most noticeable examples of a horoscope characteristic for Cancer is their caring nature. They're nurturing, empathetic, and always willing to listen to the problems of those around them. Many go on to become therapists because they have a way of really getting through to people to understand their unique faults and strengths.

While they are very dependable, Cancer is not stuck in their ways. They are adaptable and can change when it's necessary. These are people who aren't turned off by the idea of moving frequently, who can learn new skills at work and move up the corporate ladder, and who are willing to compromise for the people in their lives about whom they care deeply. The horoscope personality for Cancer is that of a sign that's always willing to become the best they can.

In fact, that brings us to our last horoscope characteristic for Cancer: responsiveness. If someone brings a negative aspect of their personality to light, a Cancer is going to listen and is going to respond. They aren't someone who simply brushes ugly feelings under the rug. They will engage with thous around them so that an understanding can be reached.

Horoscope for Cancer - The Weaknesses of Cancer
The positive horoscope personality for Cancer certainly paints a lovely picture, but they can be as bad as they are good. One of the biggest issues is their moodiness. They are such empathetic creatures that when they begin to feel something deeply, it takes over their entire being. They can frequently change from enthusiastically happy to so sad they can't get out of bed.

They're also quite clingy at times. One of the most aggravating examples of a negative horoscope characteristic for Cancer is the fact that when they get close to people, they tend to want them around at all times. They simply can't understand why their new love interest doesn't want to see them every night, or why a friend doesn't want to become best friends immediately.

When things don't go their way, a Cancer can be quite self-pitying. They can frequently let this horoscope personality for Cancer get the best of them and become quite self-absorbed. When they've been slighted, the world is out to get them and they can't think of anything else. This can be frustrating for people in their lives who have their own issues to deal with, because the Cancer often things that their lives and their problems are more important than the lives of everyone else.

And that's where the real problem comes in: perhaps the biggest negative personality characteristic for Cancer is their sensitivity. What can start out as empathy for others quickly turns into their oversensitive nature coming out, as they start to think that everything's about them and that everyone is out to get them. A simple joke made by someone else can be taken to heart by these sensitive creatures, and that can cause the Cancer to retreat for another bout of self-pitying. This is a sign that must be looked after at all times.

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