Horoscope for Capricorn

Horoscope for Capricorn image A horoscope for Capricorn reveals that these are responsible and patient people, but that their very advantages can be disadvantages in some situations. They are reliable and you can count on them, but many will become bored with their simple lives.

Horoscope for Capricorn - The Strengths of Capricorn
There is no sign more responsible than Capricorn. The horoscope personality for Capricorn shows that they are the type to pay their bills early every month and to save their pennies for a rainy day. It's difficult to think of a sign that would be quite as reliable as they are. They make excellent keepers of money and they are great financial experts.

Part of the reason they're so good with money is due to the horoscope characteristic of Capricorn - patience. They are quite content to put their money away today and wait for a special event to spend it. They do not need immediate results and always have their eye on the future. They are long term planners who are willing to put in the work necessary to get things done.

As a result, they are very ambitious. These are the type to say, "What do I want to accomplish?" and then make a 5 year plan to accomplish it. They'll have every point written clearly and will follow their plan to a T. They enjoy having everything planned out, they enjoy knowing exactly what to expect, and they don't like to step away from this plan.

They can be very resourceful and are likely to find a way to make almost anything. A horoscope personality for Capricorn shows that they are smart, capable, and that they will find a way to get things done. The old saying goes, "Where there's a will, there's a way," and Capricorn certainly has the will to get things done. Once they have their mind set on something, there is no stopping them.

Their loyalty is the thing of legends. Once they set their sites on being close to someone, they will do what it takes to be close to them for life. They know what they want from every relationship they have, and they are not afraid to make sacrifices for it. They will be fiercely loyal to the people they hold most dear and they are always willing to talk out any problems and come up with solutions.

Horoscope for Capricorn - The Weaknesses of Capricorn
Because part of the horoscope personality for Capricorn is their responsibility, they can be quite dictatorial. They believe they know exactly how things should be done and they're not willing to compromise. If they have a plan, then they are going to stick to it - and the people in their lives had simply better get used to it.

They don't like trying new things because they are people who like to know what they can count on. As a result, they can be inhibited. More free-flowing signs won't mesh well with most Capricorns, because Capricorn wants to visit the same restaurant every week and they want to order the same thing. They wonder why someone would try something new when they already know what they like?

When their horoscope personality for Capricorn leads them to making steadfast plans, this is because they think they know what's right. This can lead to them feeling full of themselves, as they believe they have the answers that others don't. They don't respond well to criticism of themselves or their ideas because they truly believe they have it all figured out.

They have trouble trusting others because, once again, they are so stuck in their ways that they perceive anyone who isn't exactly like them as someone who's doing it wrong. The horoscope characteristic for Capricorn that drives most people away is this conceitedness because they are under the impression that no one can do anything as good as they can.

While they can envision plans for the next 5 years of their lives, they have trouble imagining new and exciting things. They are unimaginative and prefer reality to creative forces like art, movies, or books. If you catch them with their nose in a book, it's most likely going to be non-fiction because make-believe worlds simply hold no interest or value for them.

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