Horoscope for Gemini

Horoscope for Gemini image The horoscope for Gemini is an interesting one, because you never know what to expect from these clever folks. They can adapt to almost any situation, but they're so indecisive and devious that you never know how that adaption will turn out.

Horoscope for Gemini - The Strengths of Gemini
A very noticeable horoscope personality for Gemini is their energy. These are indeed very energetic people who are always ready to take the day by storm. They are often very physically active, and we often see them as fitness instructors or professional athletes, but their energy is also emotional. They are virtually indefatigable.

They're also quite clever, and one of the most positive examples of a horoscope characteristic for Gemini is their cleverness. When you're playing a game with this sign, you'll be treated to clever and sophisticated ways of questions being answered. They are very witty and are often entertainers and comedians. They will keep the crowds laughing all night with their humor and energy.

Pair that trait with their imagination and you have a horoscope personality for Gemini that's perfect for an artist. They are incredibly imaginative, both emotionally and physically. They can create works of art that make people stand back and think, and they can come up with some interesting ideas on the humane psyche. These are people who always think outside the box and who are always looking toward the future.

Another horoscope personality for Gemini is their adaptability. They can change for any situation. If they're spending time with bohemians who create art, then Gemini will create art. If they're spending time with comedians who are cracking jokes, then Gemini will jump right in with jokes of their own. They're comfortable in virtually any situation and will adapt to the needs and wants of others - for a time! These are not people who like to stay in the same situation for long, so you'll see them adapt to many different personalities if they get bored.

Horoscope for Gemini - The Weaknesses of Gemini
The biggest negative horoscope personality for Gemini is their superficiality. While it can be great that they're so adaptable, it can also translate to them simply not be real. They often only share a part of themselves with people they meet - and usually this is whatever part they've deemed the person wants to see. They are master apers, which means they can instantly see what people are like and can reflect those characteristics themselves.

Gemini are extremely impulsive and rarely do they think things through. A horoscope characteristic for them is impulsive because if something sounds good to them, then they're likely just going to do it. Rarely do they spend any time soul searching to decide what the right decision is. Their lives are often the result of which way the wind was blowing on a particular day.

Indeed, they are very restless and they want constant change in their lives. Their horoscope personality for Gemini gets quite bored if they see the same things day in and day out. They want adventure, they want excitement - and they likely don't want it with the same people every day. While they can be good partners, many Gemini will never truly settle down because they want change on a daily basis.

They don't mean to be, but Gemini can be quite devious. The reality is that they're able to sense what people want and once they know what people want, they are willing to fudge the truth to give it to them. It might be telling a fib about their background or representing themselves differently than they actually are. They don't mean harm, but this horoscope characteristic for Gemini can certainly hurt others.

The final negative horoscope characteristic for Gemini is the fact that they are simply indecisive. Some signs are indecisive because they don't want to rock the boat and they don't want the responsibility of making decisions. Gemini is indecisive because they don't want to waste time making decisions when they could be doing something. If they try one thing and it doesn't work out immediately, then they're likely to turn around and try something else the next day.

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