Chinese Horoscope for Dragon

Chinese horoscope for Dragon image Chinese horoscope for Dragon covers people who have an unquenchable fire. They are the center of the energy in the world, and they have a strong and heroic heart. They believe in truth, they hold great power, and they are glorified people. Chinese horoscope for Dragon includes important quests to bring light and happiness to the world.

Chinese Horoscope for Dragon - The Strengths of the Dragon
The Chinese horoscope year of the Dragon includes people who are very magnanimous and who are always full of strength and vigor. These are people who are always on the move, who are not afraid to be themselves (even when others view them as strange or eccentric) and who are whimsical and majestic.

Those who surround the Chinese horoscope year of the Dragon are quite the band of loyal admirers. The Dragon is so dynamic that it's never hard to see how truly spectacular they are. As a result, those who choose to spend their time with Dragons are frequently very enthusiastic and sometimes even obsessive about their Dragon friends and romantic partners.

The Chinese horoscope for Dragon refers to people who are energetic and eager. They're not the type to come up with a good idea and then wait until tomorrow to put it into place. Instead, they are ready and willing to do the hard work to accomplish great things. These are no ordinary people who are content with being in the middle of the pack. They have a strong life purpose and they feel it very strongly.

When you disagree with a Chinese horoscope year of the Dragon, it can be quite difficult to oppose them. They are set in their ways and they are difficult to make waver. This can be seen as a disadvantage if you're not on their side, but to those who share their ideals and goals, they are excellent people to rely on. They're always loyal to their friends and family and they will not back down when defending them.

No matter what comes their way, the Chinese horoscope year of the Dragon folks are always super positive. They look on the bright side, no matter what. Often times a Dragon that's born during a storm will have a difficult and stormy life, but they will always keep their chin up and their eye on the prize. On the other hand, those who are born during sunny days and good weather will likely have simpler lives with fewer challenges.

Chinese Horoscope for the Dragon - The Weaknesses of the Dragon
The biggest weakness surrounding the Chinese horoscope year of the Dragon is their likelihood of becoming egoistical and demanding. They know they have a greater purpose in this world, and it's not uncommon for that to go to their heads. They believe that everyone around them should help them further their own goals, and they can be quite demanding when they need assistance.

When a child grows up under the Chinese horoscope year of the Dragon and has a difficult family life, they can quite frequently take on the burdens of their entire family. While it's great that they take on responsibility when they think they need to, it can also be a detriment to their own lives and to the cohesiveness of the family.

While they are positive and enthusiastic, that enthusiasm can burn up in smoke. When they don't see results, they can become easily frustrated and even give up on their mission. They're very persuasive, but when reasonable persuasion doesn't work they are not above intimidating people in their lives.

When becoming romantically involved with someone who's a part of the Chinese horoscope year for the Dragon, it's best not to expect them to be particularly romantic. They do care very deeply for the people in their lives, and they will do what it takes to protect them from harm, but they're not great about show how much they truly care.

Chinese Horoscope for Dragon - Compatible Signs
Those who are a part of the Chinese horoscope year of the Dragon would do well to befriend Rats and Monkeys. Together they are kindred spirits who appreciate one another. On the other hand, Dragons should typically avoid Dogs.

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