Horoscope for 2018

2018 overall, should be easier than 2017. The cardinal T-square that was the feature of 2016 and 2017. All of the changes, surprises, disasters, and serious what-in-the-world moments of those years will make way for something else, something more subdued, and something more powerful than the antics and charades we're currently seeing on the world stage. Yes, while every year promises change, this year promises less dramatics and more setting of things in motion. What will be made in 2018 is meant to last the ages.

The year begins with a stellium of power in Capricorn, with Saturn, Venus, the Sun, and Pluto all direct. This is a power combination, but how it plays out could change the course of world politics. The fortitude of Saturn combines with the diplomacy and tact of Venus, combined with the will and enthusiasm of the Sun, all chasing the power and transformation of Pluto. This is the strength, desire, and personality needed to do tremendous things. Whether those things will be good or bad - and who will seize this power - remains to be seen. Saturn ends things that aren't work and strengthens the things that are working, while Pluto destroys things from the inside out. This may the beginning of a quiet revolution that changes things on the world stage. With Mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio, it's likely that money, weapons, and political office are going to part of the struggle. Excited yet? Jupiter is trine to Neptune, so delusions of grandeur are likely. People are more likely to have strong faith but to also be deceived by larger-than-life figures. With Pluto involved, we can't be too sure who those figures will be, but they may be hiding in plain sight.

Jupiter will move out of Libra and into Scorpio for most of the year, and then into Sagittarius in November. This will give us an abundance of power, or a great drive for power. It will also increase greed, but encourage people to do more with their social connections. Whereas Jupiter in Libra increased connections, Jupiter in Scorpio increases investments. We commit to each other in order become something bigger than what we are alone. Thus, we become more interested in the metaphysical and the unknown, possibly the occult. When Jupiter is in Scorpio, we create our good fortune. When Jupiter is in Sagittarius, however, it's as if the universe is full of fortune, and all we have to do is venture forth and find it. This is the promise of a brighter future for all humanity.

Saturn enters Capricorn in January, its natural sign. This is physical and material manifestation of ambition and will to make big things. This is lord of the manor, the king come home from his long journey to take his throne again. Pragmatism, sensibility, and order will be important. Class differences will be more important in the pasts of the world where this issue had been overlooked or ignored. Looking to leaders to save us may happen, but it may be more likely that we, in general, decide to build great things that will last. Businesses, institutions, companies, associations, families, houses: all of these things will be made with a mind to making them last. This may be because of scarcity, or it may be because of a return to a desire to avoid waste and frivolity.

Uranus, which has been in Aries since 2011, will move into stable Taurus in mid-May, which means possibly destabilizing things. It will bring a new approach to money, possessions, art, and beauty, particularly natural beauty of the Earth itself. Our ideas of what we think belongs to us will change, perhaps dramatically, because what we thinks is ours will change. Thus, what we value must also change. World War II was happening around the time Uranus entered Taurus. The last of the great empires were fighting for what they thought was theirs, and the world was in the middle of the Great Depression. However, with Jupiter in Scorpio, it may be that some create their fortunes to the great detriment of others, possibly even starting a revolution. The idea and the beginning of revolution came when Uranus was in Aries, but it will become a reality for most people this year.

Neptune will remain in Pisces in 2018, but will go retrograde in mid-June. We've had Neptune in her home sign since 2012, beguiling, confusing, and dissolving. We've seen a rise in confusion between what is real and what isn't, confusing our wants with our needs, our selves with others, and our fears with reality. We've been a species under a spell of our own making. We're sleepwalking and convinced that we're awake, or we're awake and convinced that we're dreaming. Unfortunately, we're going to stay there, but we're going to bring back a lot of visions. After all, creativity requires inspiration, and that's what Pisces is about. Neptune taps into the universal. What we will make when Saturn goes into Capricorn is what we dream of while Neptune is in Pisces. When Neptune goes retrograde, the latter half of the year will be more about pipe dreams and wanting things that cannot be. There will be more denial of things that are obvious, more wishful thinking, and more paranoia. However, Neptune is so slow moving that the retrograde won't devastate us.

Pluto stays in Capricorn but goes retrograde from April 21st to September 30th. Pluto won't conjunct Saturn until 2019, so we have about a year before this whammy hits. Pluto in Capricorn, as we have come to discovery for ourselves, brings about major change in the power structures around the world. We'll continue to see transformation of Capricorn things like government, finances, status, and aging, destroying the things we hate and trying to make immortal the things we love. We'll continue to see people immortalize themselves…on social media, where we see another Pluto in Capricorn trait manifesting: narcissism. Pluto in Capricorn is self-importance and self-absorption to the nth degree.

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