Horoscope 2018 for Aries

Horoscope 2018 for Aries Sun in Aries, March 21 - April 19

General: Your ambition runs high this year, and even though it may be a struggle, you have an all-consuming desire to become someone in the eyes of the world. You want to escape feelings of inadequacy by being more than adequate, and you do this by wanting to make money and achieve status. You may be quite single-minded about this in the beginning of the year, forsaking relationships that don't advance your career interests and making friends strategically to raise your social standing.

By the mid-spring and through the summer, you're confidence starts to wane: you tend to pick your battles and allow some things to fall to the wayside. Competitive spirits evolve to more altruistic ones, and you feel less like rebelling for the sake of it. You want your skills, talents, and possessions to reflect the new you, the one that has emerged over the past few years. You can change your lifestyle and find support for it from other people, provided that they benefit from it too. For example, your partner may encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle or learn to worry less.

From the end of summer to the end of the year, you start to see the big picture. As you're less involved with yourself, the more you're involved with the world at large. You're not even so much interested in individuals as you are cultures and communities. You may even want to identify with new cultures or identities. Travel will be soul affirming, so if you can swing it, definitely go overseas or visit a different nation or new region of your own country.

Love: You're too busy for love at the beginning of the year. Your lovers may be just as ambitious as you are, and getting you (or both of you) into a high status job, career, or position may be a joint effort. However, you may have a surprising change of heart in the middle of the year, when others suddenly find you attractive. You may catch the eye of someone you never dreamed you could attract, even though any relationship you develop probably won't last.

Through the spring on through the summer, you focus your romantic feelings on those closest to you, especially anyone who seems to have liked you first. You may develop a crush during this time, even if you're not single, with a very powerful moment in late spring. By August, you may be settled into a romantic relationship of your own. If you're already with someone, spring and summer have you focused on what you can do to make your private lives easier. You may not be out and about as much as a couple, happier to settle into the quite routine of love that isn't so much hot as it is enduring.

By the time you come around to the end of summer through fall, you'll have a few opportunities to meet someone or to simply enjoy an intimate relationship, particularly a sexual one. During the fall, you'll be strong and sexy, or at least, you'll have rawer animal magnetism that draws people in. You don't realize how hard you're flirting or competing with others for attention, but they see it, and for those who like this kind of energy, you'll be utterly irresistible.

Money: Money and your career are so linked at the beginning of the year. You have to sacrifice comfort now to get what you want later. Instead of looking at it like a sacrifice tough, look at it as an investment in yourself and in the future. Money will flow as the winter progresses into spring, and you may get a surprising windfall. Of course, you may also get over-confident and lose money trying to make it grow in a way that's too good to be true. By the time April rolls around, you'll be more focused on making your money work for you.

Now that you have it, you want to make your daily life easier. You'll also be generous with family and friends, especially the ones who have supported your dreams. Be careful not to be taken for granted, or you may find yourself a slave to your generosity by the end of the summer, with people simply expecting you to cover the cost of whatever is happening. You will do it, but if you do, you won't have enough for the things you actually want to do once autumn rolls around.

In autumn and through the rest of the year, you'll want to really start investing that money and making it grow. It could be in a business or in something that makes you more productive. However, higher education, training, or just teaching yourself how to do something to have an advantage will be lucrative. You don't have to go back to college - and frankly, you probably don't want to make that commitment - since what you want to learn is a skill that makes employers like you.

Career: This year begins with all focus on your career and status. You thirst for more, and you're willing to work for it, but you're not simply going to labor unnoticed. You've been working at transforming yourself, and all of this effort will lead you to become someone brand new in the world. Don't chicken out. You've been working on this for a while, and by the middle of the year, you'll have the courage and strength to push yourself to the top. By April, you'll slow down a little bit and choose your battles wisely. You won't have the energy for anything else.

In fact, you may start to see your career as part of a bigger picture: whereas you wanted to be a big shot, in the spring and summer, you want to be a big shot who makes a difference, and someone who is willing to go the extra mile to get others to work and live in harmony. You don't become a leader so much as you become a master persuader. Everyone else thinks it's their idea to do what you want them to do, and you pocket the spoils of victory.

The end of the year may bring you a conclusion or fulfillment of the work you've been doing. It may literally come as the promise of a promotion the next year, or simply getting the respect and recognition that you deserve. The fall and winter are not going to be easy months, and if you're not up to the challenge, you may fail, and you may fail publicly. Don't let that scare you though: being prepared, even over-prepared, will be your redeeming quality.

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