Horoscope 2018 for Gemini

Horoscope 2018 for Gemini Sun in Gemini, May 21 - June 20

General: Overall, the beginning of the year promises some struggles. You have some cleaning up to do in your personal life before you can work on other things. You'd rather not focus on this stuff; you'd rather see yourself as above all the drama that being human brings. The truth is that you're very much in it, and that you will have to deal with the stickiness of relationships and interpersonal problems in the early part of the year before you can consider yourself an enlightened being.

Mid-spring to the end of summer brings you to the end of a journey where you no longer feel like a victim, and therefore no longer need to hide from everyone else. Sure, you still want to exist on another plane, but you don't feel as vulnerable when out in the world. You can be part of it again. You can trust yourself to make decent financial decisions. You may have a hard time controlling your appetite, but most other things should be in control.

Autumn and winter see you focusing more on what you personally need to feel secure. You have to take steps to learn how to take care of yourself better. You find a voice and courage to let people know where and how you're hurting and what you need in order to get better. This may be because over the fall, you end up in a bad way somehow, probably because you refused to look at your issues head on. However, once that passes, you have a renewed motivation to heal yourself.

Love: If you're in a committed relationship, it may be tested in the early part of this year. Hardships and power struggles may be a key feature and while it isn't certain to break up the relationship, it may come out with a few scars. This may be the time where you realize how much work needs to be done on this relationship, and decide whether or not you want to keep going and work at it or call it a night and part ways.

The spring eases up, but you may take a break from love to recover. Of course, you don't realize you're flirting or attracting attention, but others are noticing you. This may be a little overwhelming. Of course, the opposite may be true, and you could very well end up chasing ill-conceived romances and trying to date people who are all wrong for you. Whatever you do, don't give any of these people money. Don't loan it to them, don't let them rely on you financially.

Over fall and winter, any close relationships you have may be a labor of love. You're prone to letting others take advantage of you. Yes, you do want to show people that you love them, but you need not be their doormat to do so. As fall turns into winter, you'll start getting back what you've given. It's possible that winter brings you a new love, romance, marriage, or some other type of partnership that will continue to blossom in the new year.

Money: The first part of the year has you focused on your joint resources. You may be stuck in the past, thinking and rethinking about the money you had and lost, especially if you feel cheated by an old lover or business partner. Check your credit score and make sure you understand everything before you sign any contracts. The money you will make is going to come from your own hard work, and there is no getting around it in the early part of the year.

Through spring and summer, you're vulnerable to being tricked out of your money, so hold tight. Don't let anyone guilt you out of it. It's tempting to want to save someone else by buying them out of their troubles, but this will only make things worse. It's best to hold onto what you have and wait. This isn't the time to get financially involved with anyone else, even if it seems like a good idea, even if they lay the guilt on extra thickly.

Money may be an issue in the fall and winter, in that you might not have enough because someone else needs it. Illness, accidents, or the like may eat up a chunk of your savings or funds. Your family members may be affected, too. However, necessity is the mother of invention, and you figure out a way to make more money that just might turn into a lucrative side gig during the winter and during 2019. This gig may be completely unrelated to what you do for a living now, but something you've always wanted to do or put out in the world.

Career: The first part of the year still has you wondering about where you stand in the world and what you can become. There may be a disappointment early on, like getting passed over for promotion, or getting the promotion but being disappointed with it. You can work very hard and achieve a lot of things, but you may be wasting it on the wrong people, hoping to get something that just isn't there. By April, you'll see how much your work is worth to them.

And from April to August, you start to feel less confused and less disappointed with your lot in life. If you haven't already, you may figure out a way to turn your liabilities into assets. You can now teach others how to overcome their own insecurities, for example. Simply put, your experience puts you in a position to help others, and if you're sincere, and if your experiences are not your own doing, there could be a way to monetize your knowledge.

From August through December, this urge to teach gets stronger. Coaching, writing, or simply mentoring others is going to be very attractive to you, and possibly lucrative if you allow yourself to make a business of it. It's possible that you become more drawn to a career that fulfills your soul, and if you start it as a side gig, you may be able to establish it as your full time job in 2019.

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