Horoscope 2018 for Pisces

Horoscope 2018 for Pisces Sun in Pisces, February 19 - March 20

General: You've been under the mystical clouds of Neptune since 2012, and you'll stay under them this year. At this point, however, you're probably used to it, and you're likely to keep operating under Neptune's influence through the rest of the year with little reprieve. However, it's just as well, since you'll spend the first part of the year focused on making your hopes and dreams a reality. From winter to spring, your mind and your energy are focused on dreams: not necessarily laying the groundwork for making them come true, but rather, honing your vision.

The good news is that by the end of the summer, some of the insecurities you have about whom you are and what you want to be subsiding. Hopefully, you've learned something about yourself and can consider what you've learned as an asset. You'll start to think differently, perhaps quite differently from the way you used to think and the way that the people around you think. This is an awakening of sorts, and liberation from the inside out. Is it still scary? Absolutely.

Autumn sees you going through a transformation in the most gentle and enjoyable way. Others react positively to the changes you're making, and they want to help out. Of course, you may have some people who want to steal your thunder, but you can evade them. By the time winter comes around, you feel on top of the world, as if you've figured it all out. You are clever now and ready to show the world what you're made of and what you can do.

Love: Your love relationships should start off well in the beginning of the year. If you're with someone, then things should go well. Of course, if you're single, you're probably happy with it, and there is no reason to change things in the first four months of the year. This is a good time, however, to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances, as these may be the pool of people from whom you'll find someone to love, again, if that's even on your radar at all this year.

The spring and summer is a good time to meet someone, and this may very well happen some time in the summer. If you're already in a relationship, it may get better during this time, and may become a more committed relationship by the end of August. Of the beginning of spring is not without problems, as miscommunication and crossed connections can result in relationships ending or never really getting off the ground after initial contact. Chances are the people involved are ones you already know socially, adding to the awkwardness.

You may meet someone in the fall who comes on gently and slowly, timidly woos you. Of course, you could miss them entirely. You may also just pretend to be oblivious if you're not interested in them right then either. In winter, you might meet a kindred spirit who doesn‘t readily turn into a new lover, but could. If you're already with someone, you may see things sweetening ever so gently. Your partner may be more supportive or giving without being over the top. You two may deepen your friendship as the fall turns to winter.

Money: Money may be a little harder to come by at the beginning of the year. Oh, you definitely have plans, and you'll definitely have some underway, but they probably won't be profitable until near the end of winter, or in early spring. Networking and turning on your charm will help, but so will getting any vocational training or post-secondary education. This will put you in new circles where the money flows a little freer. Observe people for the first quarter of the month.

You're going to focus your money on yourself and those closest to you. This isn't a time for trying to make more money, but rather, honing your skills and gathering your assets so you can make more. You're definitely prone to spending more of it, so watch out, especially if you have credit cards. It doesn't seem like the future is coming, but rest assure, it is, and with it, a restriction of your ability to simply wish things into reality.

As fall rolls around and as it progresses to winter, you put more money into your closest relationships. You may also invest in something with your partner, but not something huge, like a house. It could be your first appliance you buy together, or your first vacation abroad together. Either way, this will show you a different approach to money that you could try without dying or ending up in the poorhouse. Of course, you may go to far and take on risks like gambling in the winter. One trip to the casino is fine, but if you make a habit of it, you'll be broke by the new year.

Career: You have been ambitious in 2017, and now you're moving beyond raw ambition and trying to figure out how you can create a life on your own terms. You definitely have the drive, especially in mid winter, to raise your social profile and make it in the world. You're certainly mindful of what others expect from you, but you want more than that, and you're focused on meeting the particular challenges of making yourself happy and making the world a better place. By spring, you'll be making great strides.

Your career is going to go more smoothly in spring and summer. The restrictions of the previous years have lifted, and you now have more ambition to chase your dreams and do what you want. Whereas you may have been scared to make any bold moves or put yourself out in the world, this spring and summer sees you not caring anymore. You've exhausted your ability to care about that stuff anymore, and now you're ready to just do what you want to do. You feel that you've earned it.

Winter is going to be the pinnacle of your efforts. This is where you'll have the right mindset and the right amount of enthusiasm. Your humor will be an asset, even if you're not a comedian or a writer. Use it well. You can speak to people more freely now, and you can hold their attention. Any public speaking you do will go well, and if you still have to convince your boss to give you a raise in the new year, you'll have the right words, but also the confidence to know you can think of a new plan if this doesn't work out. And you may very well want a new plan for 2019.

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