Horoscope 2018 for Scorpio

Horoscope 2018 for Scorpio Sun in Scorpio, October 23 - November 21

General: If you have felt disconnected from the people around you, or if you feel as if everyone is moving faster than you are or that they're talking smack about you, I have some bad news: 2018 will begin with you feeling that way. It's entirely possible that you're right. It's also entirely possible that you blow things up to be bigger than they actually are. The good news is that now you'll have the confidence to confront or ignore the people you think are harming you.

By mid-spring, you become more motivated to create a sense of security for yourself and your family. This may be a time where you actively try to create a new home, new sense of home, or literally move away. You may not be able to work as fast as you'd like or accomplish as much as you'd like, but with so many other changes going on, it's best to take it easy and explore your options instead if you're delayed in any way.

As fall approaches, your ambition mellows out. You don't feel the same anxiety you had over the summer, and now you‘re ready to relax a little more. As fall rolls into winter, the sense that you're not getting everything done starts to go away. Eventually, it all gets done. In late winter, you may discover a kindred spirit in someone who understands your struggle and your desire to bust out and do your own thing. You may make quite an interesting pair. Look out, 2019!

Love: If you're single, someone you see everyday may take your fancy. Granted, it may just be a very long flirtation or an online romance where you mostly talk, but this really satisfies a part of you that feels unnoticed and unappreciated. If you're not single, you and your partner will try to communicate more, possibly because something happens to make you two realize that you need establish ground rules, stop being passive aggressive, and stop blaming each other for things out of your control.

By mid-spring, your closest relationships may change suddenly and dramatically. Something you thought was stable may suddenly end, and something that you thought was fantastic suddenly goes sour or stale. You and your partners may suddenly change your minds about each other. If you meet someone new, they come into your life rather suddenly, but they may not be marriage material or even long-term material. This is just as well, as they may shock you with their beliefs, behaviors, or attitudes once you get to know them.

In the late fall and winter, you may see dramatic shifts in your love life. There‘s a chance that you may break up with whomever you're with over the summer, or that you break up suddenly and get back together suddenly. You may be polar opposites who don't really get along, but you can't stay away from each other. If you're already with someone, they may reveal a brand new side to them that you haven't seen before and weren't expecting to see. If it's not dangerous or scary, keep an open mind going into the new year.

Money: Asking around for work or a better job is likely to net results, even if you're met with resistance first. Yes, someone may be jealous of you, and you may find out when someone makes a promise to you that they have no intention to keep. By spring, however, you may make new, exciting connections with people who are very different from you and the people you know who can help you get where you want to be and offer to help you join them.

Your money is going to come from others. Crowd funding, social sources, non-profits, etc. This doesn't mean that you'll be living off charity. In fact, you may be just fine, financially speaking. However, your money is likely to come from other people or through them. Working with others, teaching others, investing with others is how you'll make wealth. This is not a good time to go solo and freelancer or to live off your savings. This is a time for figuring out how to combine your skills with those of others in order to make wealth.

As fall goes into winter, you start to make real changes to increase your wealth. You have a forum for your talents. Write, speak, and coach other people. You can use your ability to understand what other people are thinking and what they desire to find a product or service to sell on the side. Even if you don't want to go into business for yourself, think of what you can do to enhance your position at work if you can generate more business or get more repeat business.

Career: Your focus is going stay on your career. You may have made changes, or were forced to make changes. It feels a lot better to make the change than it does to try to be content with your current place. In the first quarter of the year, you have the motivation to make a change. You could be downsized, fired, or just intuitively sense that you should move on and do something else. But what? It should be something you're terrified of doing but wish you could.

Your career is still going to very important to you in the spring and summer, and by the end of summer, you may feel that you're happiest when you're focused on your career and taking it in new directions. Sure, you may go back to things you're familiar with, but it doesn't feel as right as moving forward, and seeing how much you can achieve and how far you can go so long as you try. It may be that the sky is the limit.

What you'll learn doing the spring and summer is going to help you develop a more universal idea of what you can do with your life. It's not just about getting others to approve of you, or admire you, or even envy you, but rather, how you can become free of all of that and find your own way. You're more interested in what the future will bring than what the present promises. You have the skills and the talents to create whatever future you want in 2019.

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