Horoscope 2018 for Sagittarius

Horoscope 2018 for Sagittarius Sun in Sagittarius, November 22 - December 21

General: Saturn is finally out of Sagittarius, relieving you of some of the restrictions and tension you've experienced for the last couple years. You may not feel entirely strong until late winter, when the last of your insecurities are shed. You will, however, have a strong will to acquire wealth that will carry over into 2018 and drive you to make decisions based on how much money you can make. There is no reason to be ashamed for wanting the good things in life.

As late spring moves through summer, the Saturn heaviness is gone and has now morphed into a struggle to get material and financial security. However, you're not in a rut. In fact, your routine and work is going to change rather dramatically in order to accommodate these changes you're dying to make. It doesn't matter how you feel: you will change your lifestyle in minor, yet profound ways. You may change your diet, routine, or hobbies. These need to happen, and they will.

As summer rolls into autumn, you come out of your shell in a sense. Now you're ready to just be you in all your Sagittarian fullness. You're almost completely Sagittarius. There is nothing you want to acquire more than knowledge and experiences. Fall and winter may be a time where you embark on some sort of journey or long-term exploration or endeavor completely different from what you've done in the past. It may feel like a mini Renaissance, a breaking out of your cage and sprouting wings.

Love: You may start the year not wanting to focus on anyone else. You may be the center of attention in your relationship, or you may be the breadwinner and the one busy making all the money. Either way, you don't want to commit to anyone before you have the money. However, you may have a sudden change of heart by spring, when you either meet someone very different, or suddenly change your mind about being with someone in particular, possibly related to travel or your higher education.

Work may take precedent over love, or you and your partner may work on a joint venture together. The best possible scenario for your love life between April and August is to work with your lover in some way. It's possible that you could meet them at work, or while volunteering, but chances are that you come together and work on a joint venture, regardless of whether you're single or partnered right now. This strengthens the bond between the two of you.

Your love life is going to expand to encompass your ambition and dreams in the fall and through the winter. Your partner's career may become very important to you. This may also be a time where you marry, making your love public. It's also possible that you and your partner engage in some sort of public business or vocational endeavor together. Either way, be careful not to put your feelings aside for the sake of the goal so 2019 remains full of hope and promise.

Money: Whatever you make this year, you will earn by the sweat of your brow. Though it won't come early, you should b okay for the first quarter of the year if you work hard. Don't expect to have a lot to spare over the winter, but the spring should compensate you well, provided that you're working steadily toward your goal and making work a priority. Friends may be able to help you make money in unexpected ways in the early part of spring.

Opportunities to make money through work and deals with other people will come this spring and last through the summer. This is when you want to be on your best behavior. People want to trust you, and you want them to trust you. The good news is that you now have the skills to at least feign reliability. You're not going to hit the lottery, and whatever you do make will be by the sweat of your brow, but it can be done.

And if you do it, fall and winter will have you reaping the rewards. People will want to give you their money, or hire you, or buy your wise counsel. This gravy train will only run out if you start to doubt yourself, or if you start listening to your critics. Having a higher profile means having more people looking at you. It may very well be that you just think people are talking poorly about you and that you take a break from the limelight near the end of the year and buy yourself a nice holiday.

Career: This year will begin the year with a strong desire to create wealth. You may begin in a convention direction, but as you head into the spring, you want increasingly more to focus on something of your own, something competitive but also meant to last for the rest of your life, possibly longer. Let it be creative and an expression of who you are and the talents you possess. In fact, if you try to do what everyone else is doing, you will fail.

Your desire to work to create wealth only gets stronger through spring and summer. Funnily enough, your ideas about how to get money become surprisingly more practical and more focused on the bottom line. Even though they may be transformative, you're not looking to change the world but to get into a position to build on that will eventually let you change the world. Of course, this could all be a dream, but you have no choice but keep working to build a wealth foundation.

The fall is going to be your best time in 2018, career-wise. It's when everyone notices your hard work and you finally reap the rewards for what you've been doing all year round. However, you'll spend a good part of the winter working on your next big move. Yes, you may be more reclusive, but that doesn't mean you're giving up. You're just planning how you'll get better in 2019. Don't get too comfortable if you take vacation.

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