Horoscope 2018 for Taurus

Horoscope 2018 for Taurus Sun in Taurus, April 20 - May 20

General: This year begins with you wondering if there is more to life than what you‘re currently seeing and experiencing. You want adventure, and you feel as if that's the key, and yet, you can't seem to figure out how to make life more interesting. You may make friends, however, with exotic people who help expand your horizons. By springtime, you long to escape your life. Resist the temptation to feel sorry for yourself, because you will if you give everything you have to others hoping for love in return.

As spring turns to summer, you find your confidence back, in a way. You're not the same; you're wiser. You're also increasingly concerned with your personal and private life. You may long for adventure, but your heart is at home. Unsolved issues from your past may be a huge focus. If you've been thinking of settling down or starting a family, you may do so this year. If you're getting married, you can always have an exotic honeymoon and kill two birds with one stone, right?

In the fall until the end of the year, you become more ambitious, more concerned with going out in the world and getting what you want. You don't just want to be comfortable, though this may definitely be something on your radar. You want more, and you want to establish a place in the world where no one questions your authority or social standing. The best way to do this, you realize, is by acquiring money and establishing yourself economically as you go into 2019.

Love: You may meet someone quite unlike yourself early this year. If you already have a partner, they may want you to make a bold step toward the future, either by going to college, moving, changing religion, or political ideologies. Or, you may meet someone who makes you reconsider what you think about all of these things and the way you identify with these concepts, philosophies, and beliefs. Either way, you're not going to be attracted to the old and familiar in the early part of the year.

You may meet someone over the summer, or you may get serious about an existing relationship. As mentioned before, commitment and settling down may be on your plate. In fact, this may be the thing that seems more right to you, even if it scares you, even if you don't think you're ready. Now, whether or not you're ready depends on many other factors, but you will want love and romance. You'll be more drawn to monogamy than flirting or playing the field.

Throughout the fall and into the winter, your love life will get better, possibly more intense with the passing months. If you met someone over the summer, things get serious. If you were already in an existing relationship, you may be wondering about getting married or taking the next step in your commitment to this person, like increasing your family. You'll focus your efforts in 2019 toward making these dreams a reality, particularly in finding the resources to do these things.

Money: Spend the early part of the year researching new ways to make wealth. Not money: wealth. Figure out how to make money that keeps making money. You'll have to think outside the box, but in the early part of the year, you should find people who can help you think of new things. You'll have to step out of your comfort zone, but these new people will hold your hand along the way. Check their backgrounds first to make sure these new friends aren't scamming you.

You'll more likely to invest in a home this year if you don't already own a house. This may also be a good time to refinance a loan, put an extension on the house, or do redecorating. Whatever makes the home feel more like an expression of who you are is going to be best, provided that you have good taste. Chances are, you want to hold onto your home for a while. This may require some short-term sacrifice on your part, but if you have a good interest rate, then you'll make it through the year fine.

How much money you have and make is going to depend on who you share it with. If you're single, you're probably not going to be as motivated to make more money. You may not be as motivated to save it, either. However, if you have someone to care for, then you'll find ways to get more money. You may also find ways to get into more debt, too, so be careful when shopping over the holiday season, or you may start 2019 trying to figure out how to pay for 2018.

Career: As the winter progresses into spring, you're less concerned with career and status matters as you are in the development phase of your big ideas. In fact, you may not have the means to advance your career in any material way until later this year, so spend the winter and early spring making plans, making social connections, and gathering ideas. Observe your audience and learn what they want and need. If you ask, they will tell you.

As spring rolls into summer, you start to get your motivation and ambition back, though it's not the same as it once was. You don't want to succeed for the sake of it. You don't want to simply beat others to the finish line. Your idea of success and winning evolves. It's less about your ego and in getting others to approve of you. Thus, you may scale back on your efforts, and be more thoughtful when you make public moves toward your future.

The fall and winter gives you your mojo back. Everything you've learned over the summer makes you want to put it in action, possibly as a business, but more likely as a serious thing or movement. You don't want to do whatever you were doing before, and you certainly don't want to be doing what everyone else is doing. This is a time for you to reinvent yourself, and that includes your career and social status. You'll continue this personal revolution into 2019.

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