Horoscope 2018 for Capricorn

Horoscope 2018 for Capricorn Sun in Capricorn, December 22 - January 19

General: This is going to be a critical year for you, at least in the beginning. Saturn is now home in Capricorn, and while this may be difficult for others, for you, this like getting your strength and resolve back. You're unstoppable; where everyone else sees a drought, you find water. Where everyone else sees famine, you find a feast. Their weakness is your advantage, and while you're not going to get everything on a silver platter, you will be able to handle any hardship that comes.

The spring will bring more intensity to this Saturn transit through your sun sign, waning in the late spring and summer. During this time, you feel as if you're putting roots down. Yes, it may definitely feel as if you're stuck in place, but you know how to take advantage of a long-term situation and forgo your own immediate wants. The things you find pleasurable are going to change during these seasons, so avoiding or forgoing usual pleasures will be easy because chances are, many of them won't appeal to you much anymore.

From the end of summer through the fall, you'll start to feel lighter. You're not bound to the same things you once were, or you simply break away from the responsibilities you once had. Now, you're all about finding the joy in living, and this winter, people flock to you. Your good vibes bring more friends and acquaintances. These may be people you may not have hung out with before, like artistic types or those who spend money more freely. It's an exciting way to end the year.

Love: If you start a new relationship at the beginning of the year, you may be able to carry it out through the spring. It would start slow - and it would start by them coming to you - and become more romantic over the months. In April, you will either it all together or jump in headfirst. Of course, you may have more romantic choices than usual, so it's possible that you start with one person in the winter and end up with another in the spring.

And by the time spring comes, you will probably be involved in a romantic relationship of some sort. If you're already in a long-term relationship, things will probably progress well. This will be your rock as you deal with changes, the balm for your worried soul. The best thing to do is to find a way to work with your partner toward a goal than it is to keep your partner relegated to just being a good time or a distraction from life.

In the fall and winter, you're attractive new people, and one of them may be friend who has a little more to offer than the others. Whether this turns into something serious depends on whether you want to get serious right now. Chances are, you don't. If you're already in a relationship, you may change your approach to romance or to your time with your partner. It's possible that change is forced upon you, due to distance or other demands, and you decide to thumb your nose at the rules and define the relationship on your own terms.

Money: Money is going to be on your mind at the beginning of the year. It may come from a nest egg or long-term investment you started many years ago, or it may come from family. As the winter turns to spring, you can start growing your wealth from creative endeavors that you establish. Working with a partner may help you increase wealth, in the spring. Don't be in a rush to choose a partner, however: they may not turn out to be who you think they are.

Spring and summer brings a temptation to spend money as either a distraction from the drudgery of life or in celebration of it. Both are noble reasons, but you have more in mind for your funds than to run out of them. By August, you're going to have the motivation and possibly the opportunity to make more money through hard work or ballsy financial moves. This is done with your own money and resources, which is just as well, since chances are, whatever you decide to do is too rich for everyone else's blood.

Money is going to come from some unexpected sources, possibly from something you would otherwise consider fun. The fall and winter are great times to think about a side gig doing something you love. At this point, you're not really worried if other people are better or if some people won't like what you have to offer. You'll have enough fans to create a niche for yourself, and once you get used to being out there, it's easier to hustle and get paid.

Career: Your career is not going to be the main focus of your life until spring: you will be preparing for a career change or big career move in the early part of 2018, however. You may have gone through some career changes in the previous three years; while these are coming to an end this year, you're going to focus on whatever dream you discovered over these years. There will be work, but this is your forte. You live for achievement and the slow build.

Through spring and summer, your career progresses pretty steadily. You're focused on the work in the spring, and by summer, you're ready to engage others. You may not want to partner with anyone, but you do want to hire others, or get work in the summer. Of course, you may not be overly ambitious at all at this time, as things just steadily progress, and you take any setback in stride. Your eye is on a bigger goal, and that goal is bigger than what anyone thinks of you, or what happens in the short-term.

Fall, but mostly winter is a time where you really, really want to reinvent yourself in the eyes of the world. You don't just want to be a big shot. You want to be the only shot. You're afraid of disappearing and being unknown, so you do what you can to be noticed. This means pulling out all the stops and even reinventing yourself in the eyes of the world. You may very well plan to take over the world in 2019.

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