Horoscope for January 2018 for Aries

Horoscope for January 2018 Aries Saturn has been in your 10th house of professional achievements and recognition since last month, and he will remain here until 2020. This will be a challenging alignment for you, but the Universe does not give you anything you cannot handle, dear Aries! Over the next few years, you may be challenged by authority figures, and you might feel as though your work is being placed under a microscope. There are limitations here, however, they are set up to help you grow. You might feel the need to achieve something great within your career, and this will be explored during Saturn's placement in the 10th house. While you might feel like you have to prove your worthiness to others, it will be a good test for you, as you can act overly confident in certain situations. You will certainly be humbled during this alignment, and it may bring up your inner fears and vulnerabilities. Your achievements in this house will feel mostly internal, as the world around you may not recognize your hard work and accomplishments. You do not need others' approval to drive you, ambitious Aries, and you will certainly affirm your own sense of power and ability on a very personal level.

Venus has been in your 10th house since last month, and will remain here until the 17th of January. You will be quite drawn to your social status and career, enjoying the relationships in your workplace the most. Venus will make you charming and friendly as ever! If you are having challenges with coworkers or bosses, this is a great time to approach these situations, as Venus will ensure that both parties get what they want. You are inclined to compromise and will generally know how to create the best outcome. If you are looking for a romantic partner, you might be inclined to someone who is wealthy, famous, or somehow in the spotlight. When Venus transits out of the 10th house and into your 11th house, you will focus more on friendships and social circles. You will greatly enjoy socializing during the latter half of January, and you are likely to be friends with others who you find physically attractive. You might find a budding romance within a friendship, although this can go either way when Venus is in town!

Mars is still in Scorpio, your 8th house, and will remain here until the 26th. You may have gone through loss last month, and this month is all about rebirth and regeneration. The emotional extremes will settle down towards the end of January, and you will no longer feel as possessive, jealous, or insecure about your relationships. Mars encourages you to use your energy to build yourself up, physically and mentally. It is an opportune time to join a fitness club, get into a workout routine, or engage in something physical that you will enjoy. You are disciplined and strong, dear Aries, and Mars knows you are up to the test! When Mars shifts into your 9th house on January 26th, you will feel energized on an intellectual level, seeking knowledge wherever you go. You will enjoy good debates and feel passionate about certain subjects that stimulate your interest.

On the 11th, Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, your 10th house of career. You will be very patient at your workplace, knowing that the best results will come with perseverance and dedication. This is a welcomed change for you, eager Aries, as you have the tendency to go after as much as you can whenever you can! Whatever projects you are working on need to be slowed down, and you need to make sure that you comb through every detail before making decisions. Trust in your judgment this month, and also trust in conversations you have with others. This alignment will influence you most positively, and you may recognize that it is better to take it slow and steady before diving in too deep.

The Sun has been in your 10th house as well since last month. You will feel the need to complete projects, work towards realistic goals, be successful, and use your power to accomplish career tasks. Your ego will be tested this month, as you may overly identify yourself with your accomplishments at work at the expense of others. While your pride is important, do not let it get in the way of your relationships with others. You will feel particularly useful in your job this month, and this may motivate you to start a new project. On the 19th, the Sun enters your 11th house of friendships. You will feel a distinct connection with friends, family, and others alike. This alignment inspires compassion for all life, and you will feel supremely connected to all living things at this time. You may want to express your creativity in a more social way, inviting others into your process and work. You will want to connect with as many people as you can, and will also advocate for social and cultural change this month. You might find that you are interested in community and human rights, and will want to further advocate for these causes. It is a great time to engage in volunteer work, service learning, or other opportunities to help out with something you truly care about.

The southern hemisphere of your chart is extremely active this month, with almost all planets in the zodiac between your 8th and 11th houses. You will be more concerned with "outside" events, and less engrossed in personal affairs and emotions this month. Your intimate relationships and self-care routine will take a back-seat during January. You will be a socialite to boot! The stars also predict your professional life to be quite active, as you will focus on achievements and recognition by superiors the most. Your social identity and expression will dominate as you get closer to your own sun sign, lovely Aries.


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