Horoscope for January 2018 for Cancer

Horoscope for January 2018 Cancer You are in for a treat this month, lovely Cancer! On January 1st, there is a full moon in your sign. This is quite auspicious to start the new year! Cancer is the ruler of the 4th house of home and family, and the Moon is your ruler. Today will be a particularly strong day for you, and you might feel extremely emotional. The Moon amplifies the emotional aspect of individuals, and this may affect you the most. Know that you are in a state of flow, and are likely to be influenced by the moods around you. Your sensitivities are heightened in every sense of the word. You will also feel extremely connected to your family and responsible for their wellbeing. You are a natural caretaker, and there is nowhere you would rather be but home. You may also feel extremely connected to your mother or a motherly figure in your life. It is so important today to take care of yourself, mind, body, and spirit! The best way to start the new year is to do something that makes you feel relaxed, calm, and centered. Using aromatherapy to cleanse your emotional aura can be soothing, and you will benefit the most from rosemary and lavender.

Mercury, your financial planet, has been in your 6th house of work and responsibilities since last month, and you have likely been very useful at work. Your attention to detail and ability to sort through complex information is heightened and stellar, and you have been reaching goals with ease. Your detail-oriented brain has increased your luck in finances, and you can rest easy that the beginning of the year will be secure and taken care of monetarily. When Mercury enters the 7th house, you may feel extra needy to talk with your loved one or a person close to you. You crave communication now and can become distressed if you aren't able to share thoughts, feelings, and ideas with another person. Take this opportunity to speak more at work, as you will have thought-provoking opinions and insights to spark a new conversation to keep you entertained! It is also a great time to join a book club or a group with an intellectual focus, as you will consistently thrive on lengthy discussions this month.

Venus has been in your 7th house of love and relationships since last month. This is Venus' best alignment! With the harmonious planet in Libra's house, it will inspire you to believe in love and see the beauty within your partnerships. Your relationships with others will really thrive this month, and you seem to know exactly what to say, do, and feel! If you are a Cancer in a relationship, it is the perfect time to reconnect with your loved one after a long year. Spend some time just the two of you, and just exist in each other's presence without any expectations. Venus will bring you closer than ever before! If you are single, you should absolutely get out there this month! This alignment will ensure that dates go well, and that you find potential partners that are an excellent match. Enjoy your single life too, because it might not be there for much longer! Venus enters your 8th house of sex, transformation, and rebirth on the 17th. You will take relationships and commitments very seriously over the next few weeks, so make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. You may feel overly possessive of them, so openly discuss any trust issues before going any deeper. If a relationship ends, a new one will be born, as this house rules death and rebirth. You will also feel sexy and mysterious in the bedroom, channeling your inner darkness and passion with your lover.

Mars remains in Scorpio, your 5th house of pleasure, until the 26th. You have been living life to the fullest, dear Cancer! You work hard, play hard, and continue this cycle until you're ready to do it all again. Mars here takes on a more playful, fun-loving vibe, which is a nice change from his naturally aggressive nature. You will be enthusiastic in whatever you are doing, and others will want to know exactly what you are doing that has you so on top of life. This will be a welcomed aspect for you, careful Cancer, as Mars encourages you to take more risks in this house. You will feel more confident than usual, so use this to your advantage! You may also find a new hobby that grabs your attention. Be open-minded when having fun, as there is no need to take your adventures too seriously. On the 26th, Mars enters your 6th house, and you will transition from playing hard to working harder. Mars feels comfortable in this home, and he will take action in the workplace and at home. You will be more driven to accomplish projects and tasks at hand, and this will motivate others around you to follow your lead.

The Sun has been in Capricorn, your 7th house of love, and will remain here until the 19th. His influence has made you quite enamored with your partnerships, friendships, and familial relationships. In general, your identity has been focused on the people in your life. This will shift on the 19th, when the Sun enters your 8th house of regeneration. You will dive deep into your true nature of being, but keep this secretive at the same time. You will feel deeply connected to others and feel intense emotions, although you will keep these feelings to yourself. This alignment will teach you to let go of expectations and control, and to watch things unfold naturally. You are here to experience the inner workings of emotions and relationships, not dictate them. This is an intense month for you! With most of the planets in the middle of your chart, you are highly focused on personal relationships, emotions, duties, and identity.


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