Horoscope for January 2018 for Gemini

Horoscope for January 2018 Gemini Mars has been in your 6th house of work and responsibilities since last month. He will remain here for almost the entire month. This is an excellent alignment and you have most likely already seen significant gains in the workplace from your go-getter attitude! Your work ethic is stellar this month, and Mars helps you be more focused on the task at hand. You might feel the need to accomplish a lot in your home life as well, and have been cleaning, doing chores, and organizing possessions. It is a perfect time to do an early "spring cleaning" and to get rid of old things that no longer serve your space. Clean your bedroom especially, as this is your sanctuary. Mars encourages you to be organized in your workspace, and you might get pleasure from reorganizing your desk and files. Mars might make you feel like more of an authoritarian within your relationships. This is quite unlike you, gentle Gemini, but it can also be a breath of fresh air if there are things you have always wanted to say to others but did not have the courage to before.

Mercury, your planetary ruler, has been in your 7th house since last month. This has made an excellent aspect for your love life, dear Gemini! If you are a single Gemini, it is a great time to date, as your communication skills will be off the charts. You will also love to conversate with others about any topic of interest, and even play devil's advocate regarding other worldly issues. If you are in a relationship, you will want to communicate with your loved one extensively, and you will crave intellectual conversations to keep things lively. You might become bored in your partnership if your partner is not as talkative, but do not try to overanalyze your relationship if it still works for you. This might give you the opportunity to connect with friends and coworkers as well. You thrive one-on-one, as you always seek that twin connection, and Mercury will do its best to serve you here! On the 11th, Mercury shifts into your 8th house of transformation, sex, and regeneration. You will be very curious about others this month, and will analyze what makes people tick. You will feel more drawn to the psychology behind the motivations of others, but try not to get too sucked into drama at work or in your social circle. Instead, use this inspiration to engage in creativity. If you are an artist, do your art in a public space, as this may inspire you to create something entirely new and unique. If you are a writer, you will enjoy writing about people and behaviors this month, perhaps leading to you create different characters and stories.

Venus has been in your 8th house of sex and rebirth since December 25th, and will remain here until January 17th. You are inclined to take commitment very seriously, and this may influence your love sector. Venus in this house also takes friendships seriously, and you will remain loyal and dedicated to your closest friends this month. If you are in a relationship, you might feel the need to keep your partner very close and plan the future in more detail. If you are single, you may have the urge to find love, as this feels like a very important venture on the horizon. At the same time, Venus in this alignment influences you to keep your thoughts and feelings hidden. You will be attracted to things that are mysterious and unknown, and you might want to find someone who is hesitant to show you who they really are. In this same vein, you thrive on drama in this house, so be careful not to gossip too much and get involved with negative affairs. You will also feel extra seductive, feeling the most attractive when engaging in forbidden fantasies. You are sure to be free and adventurous in the bedroom this month, dear Gemini! Your raw sexual energy will be quite dominant and radiant! This will also inspire your creativity, and you will even further feel the need to express yourself outwardly and artistically.

On the 17th, Venus transits into the 9th house of expansion, freedom, and intellectual curiosity. You may feel extra attracted to people, in a romantic and platonic way, who are from other countries, speak different languages, or who physically appear exotic to you. Because your love of other worldly traits is further amplified by this alignment, you will also feel the need to travel and learn about other cultures. It is an excellent time for freedom and independence as well, but you will still want to be with others as long as they are appreciative of your need to expand and grow. While you may feel inclined to travel, your finances are predicted to drop off after the 16th on the advent of the new moon. The beginning of the month will be excellent for finances, so try to make any purchases or pay bills during this time if you can.

The Sun remains in your 8th house until the 19th. This alignment will certainly satisfy any issues with boredom or lack of passion. Venus will give you a bump here in this alignment, making you even more interested in the hidden workings of others, life, and the Universe. You will be drawn to powerful emotions, intense ideas, and risky behaviors. You will enjoy exploring the darker aspects of life, and often situations that are emotional, deviant, and mysterious. You seek a deeper experience, yet you don't know exactly what that is. You have time to explore this other side! The Sun transits to your 9th house on the 19th, where you will embrace an identity of explorer, learner, traveler, and linguist. Your month is filled with identity, expression, and growth. You may have a few challenges along the way, but nothing is going to stop you from getting to the heart and depth of all aspects of your life, lovely Gemini!


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