Horoscope for January 2018 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for January 2018 Sagittarius You have an interesting alignment this month, lovely Sagittarius! The planets are split between the lower and upper half of your chart, transiting in between the first houses and the last houses of the zodiac. Your focus will be somewhat divided this month, as these alignments are highly varied.

Saturn remains in your 2nd house of money and material possessions until 2020. You will feel like you need to work extra hard in order for your efforts to pay off. You might feel financially insecure, and even worried about making ends meet over the next few months. Use this time wisely to save rather than spend, and create long-term financial habits that will benefit your stability. You will see financial growth this year, although it will be slow and steady, similar to how Saturn reigns! You will also take a more practical approach to possessions, and will not feel compelled to purchase things that are unnecessary, frivolous, or discretionary. You will connect to your bare essentials, and become somewhat of a minimalist this year. This is actually a good thing for you, Sagittarius, as you are a collector of possessions for sure! Take this time to clear out items in your house or wardrobe that no longer bring you joy. Saturn encourages you to let go of fears related to giving up your material stuff. The Universe wants you to be light and free as a feather!

Venus beings in your 2nd house of money as well. This relates to Saturn's alignment, further emphasizing the need to feel secure and financially stable. You will be attracted to others who are wealthy or wear luxury items. You might meet someone of interest during a monetary transaction or business deal this month. You will want to spend money on something elegant and beautiful, but you might forgo this opportunity to be more stable and comfortable in your day to day life. Venus transitions into your 3rd house of communication on the 17th. Venus in the 3rd house signifies your attraction to the art of language, expression, and communication. You will be great at expressing yourself this month, and will also be drawn to all mediums of communication. You will be attracted to those who stimulate your mind and who you can have great conversations with. Use this time to connect with your partner or loved one regarding intellectual pursuits you both enjoy. This is an excellent opportunity to develop intimacy in a different way this month!

The Sun left your house last month and is now in Capricorn at the beginning of January, your 2nd house of money. You will be highly focused on material possessions and monetary gains, and your personality will be driven by your financial security. It is important now that you feel secure and stable, as you might be prone to anxiety anyways if you feel off balance. On the 19th, the Sun shifts into your 3rd house of communication in Aquarius. Here, you will be drawn to highly intellectual conversations and topics, channeling your inner bookworm! Communication is your forte this month, and the Sun certainly assists you in being your best self in this department!

Mercury begins in your house, and transitions to your 2nd house on the 11th. You will take time making decisions this month and will have a hard time dealing with pressure. If you are working under a deadline, make sure to get a healthy head start, as procrastination is not your friend this month! You will take in information quite readily and be sharp within your career. It is also a good time to plan out any future expenses that might be overwhelmingly large. Mercury is in a positive and practical aspect here, and is there to help you in all your major decisions this month!

Mars is in your 12th house of the subconscious. This is quite an interesting alignment, as Mars is the planet of outward action, and your 12th house is the sector of inward action. Your hidden thoughts, dreams, feelings, and deepest intuition lie here. This is indeed the most psychic house of the zodiac, ruled by Pisces. It is highly spiritual in nature, and you may feel more connected with your spirituality this month. You may want to retreat inward and keep a lot of privacy, as you will need to reflect on these psychological elements. You might feel drained from being around others, and it is important to recharge your batteries during this time. Pay extra attention to your dreams, and it might be wise to keep a journal by your bedside in case you have any midnight revelations! On the 26th, Mars shifts into your house. You will certainly feel way more energetic, enthusiastic, and will feel a surge of adrenaline when Mars gets there. Make sure that you use physical outlets, like working out, dancing, running, or another sport, when you have excess energy to burn off. You are prone to feeling restless, more than usual with this alignment, so keep this in mind when you go off on spontaneous adventures!

Jupiter, your planetary ruler, is in your 12th house of the subconscious as well, and will remain here until November. This alignment encourages you to reconnect with your higher self and spirituality. Whatever is calling to you on a metaphysical level, pay attention. Your dreams, intuition, and psychic energy will be quite active and chock full of information for your life. Jupiter expands your consciousness and helps you dive deeper into a spiritual awakening. This energy and newfound faith will help guide you closer to your truest self and have a deeper connection to the Universe. Jupiter's alignment will help balance out some of your material and monetary preoccupations this month, as he always brings good fortune wherever he goes! Jupiter's placement in the 12th gives you the opportunity to see and feel the bigger picture of life, and to not get too stressed about finances.


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