Horoscope for January 2018 for Leo

Horoscope for January 2018 Leo Last month, Saturn made a huge shift away from your 5th house into your 6th house of work and responsibilities. This has been a welcomed change, dear Leo, and will continue until 2020! Hopefully, you have already been feeling more confident in the world and in your own skin again. Saturn in this house will keep you grounded in your responsibilities with work. This may include a job as well as domestic duties. You may struggle to have a daily routine that feels secure, stable, balanced, and even sane at times. You will be challenged here to organize your life to create the healthiest lifestyle possible. This includes learning when to say no, and taking care of yourself instead of others. You will need to overcome the idea that work needs to be tiring and awful, and instead, look at how it can be useful and helpful for your overall life. You need to give yourself a break, lovely Leo! You may encounter a health crisis over the next few years if you do not heed Saturn's advice. Your lesson here is learning how to balance responsibilities with self-care.

This month, there will be a full moon on the 1st in your 12th house. You are indeed overwhelmed already, even on the first day of the year. You have been so busy that there hasn't been enough time for doing nothing. Get in touch with what you have been running from. You may be able to reach a conclusion that will help you move on and let go of any old energies that no longer serve you. Take a few hours today to just exist, alone. You will be rejuvenated from this simple task! On the 3rd, you will have an amazing day, when Venus trines Jupiter and Mercury sextiles Pluto. The first aspect gives you a lot of luck in love and business. The second aspect indicates that you are an intellectual wiz! You will understand the deepest and most complex topics, and you will also be able to explain them to others. It is an excellent time to create a pact, merger, commitment, or promise. Good fortune is on your side today!

Mercury has been in your 5th house of pleasure and fun since December. This is a great alignment for you, as you are inclined towards creative expression and showmanship. You are already such a great actor and comedian, and this aspect gives you another boost! You will love making jokes, making others laugh, and communicating in a fun way over the next few weeks. Use this to your advantage at work, if people are uptight and need to relax. You are clever and witty this month, with endless material coming from your creative brain. Looks like you've got your mojo back! On the 11th, Mercury shifts into your 6th house of responsibilities and work. You will be very useful to others this month, as you will be able to help out in sticky situations. Your recall of details that others may often forget is incredible, and you are especially great at organizing and making several decisions at once. You will rely on feeling useful during January, and this will manifest in your personal life as well as in your professional section.

Venus has been in your 6th house of duties since the 25th of December. You will find great joy and reward in keeping up with the daily tasks of life. You will emphasize keeping the body clean, beautiful, and nourished from the inside out. You will actually enjoy simple chores and tedious work that is often not entertaining to you. With Venus in this alignment, it is easy to find and create beauty in almost anything! You will be very giving and generous all month as well, understanding that happy relationships equal a happier life. On the 17th, Venus transits into your 7th house of love and relationships. This is a perfect opportunity for you to meet someone new, if you are a single Leo. You will feel full of life and passion, and will be able to charm anyone you meet this month! Go out on the town and cut loose a little, lovely Leo. If you are in a relationship, you will feel even more connected and intimate with your partner. Venus and the 7th house are a match made in heaven, and this alignment brings you luck and love for January!

Mars remains in your 4th house of family and home until the 26th of this month. This can be a challenging alignment, as Mars' aggression can sometimes clash with feelings of family, children, parents, and roots. Mars can be impatient and sometimes ruthless, and delicate family emotions are no match for this. Feelings of being uncared for, unloved, and unwanted can make you feel very raw, sensitive, and vulnerable this month. You will certainly be overly protective of family members and loved ones, and may feel like you need to be strongly willed for everyone else. The planets encourage you to take a step back and reassess your emotional involvement in everything. You do not always have to come to the rescue here! On the 26th, Mars shifts into your 5th house, where he takes playtime to a whole new level! This alignment is one of fun and excitement, and you are sure to enjoy yourself during the end of January.

On the 31st, there is a full moon lunar eclipse in your sign, dear Leo! Your insecurities will be very apparent here, and you are vulnerable to feeling all of your fears at once. The full moon urges you to open your heart so that you can let go of old wounds, heal, and create yourself anew. The lion licks his wounds to continue on in the jungle, and you must persevere, too. The best way to heal is to connect with love and compassion, so spend time with people you love and who love you back today!


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