Horoscope for January 2018

Horoscope for January 2018 The Sun has been in Capricorn since December, and remains here until January 19th. Capricorns are the most practical and grounded of all the zodiac signs. Naturally, their ruler is Saturn, the great father of the solar system. Capricorns want to be practical and useful, and will use their talents for pursuits that are secure and safe. They may sacrifice their dreams if these are deemed to frivolous or risky, and will instead focus on the attainable. They are resourceful and can navigate the physical world in almost mystical ways. The goat is known to take the path well traveled, but always aims for the highest peak of the mountain. Capricorns, like their animal spirit, are steadfast, responsible, and very dependable.

Saturn made a huge transit last month as well, and he will remain in Capricorn for the next 2.5 years. Saturn has not been here in over 28 years! For those of you who are in your Saturn return, the next few years will be ones of great change and discipline. If you were born with Saturn in Capricorn, this is your time for renewal and progression. Capricorn and Saturn are naturally aligned, as they are partners in crime in the zodiac! Saturn traditionally represents a lack of something, limitations, or unwanted responsibilities. This alignment, however, is predicted to be quite different. Saturn and Capricorn both motivate each other to create greatness. Around the world, tall skyscrapers might be built, people might be more motivated to reach peaks of mountains or travel into space, and there will be a general influx of infrastructure. Engineering, science, and building dominate here. On the other hand, there is a fine balance between power and achievement that some signs might need to look at. This alignment forces all of us to assess how we use our power for good instead of domination.

We begin the new year with a full moon in Cancer on the 1st of January. Cancer is the mother of home and embodies the divine feminine. This is extremely symbolic to start off the year with the moon in an intense water sign. Everyone might feel sensitive today, and all signs can expect the need to rest and relax on the 1st. For those making new year's resolutions, today is the perfect day to reflect on everything you wish to get done this year. Instead of planning, meditate and enter the new solar cycle with a clear mind. On the 3rd, Venus trines Jupiter and Mercury sextiles Pluto, making for another intense day this month.

On the 11th, Mercury enters Capricorn. Capricorn is the king of patience and methodological practices. This alignment is geared towards taking more time to make decisions, especially when the decision is between two or more people. It is important here to recognize that if we doubt ourselves, it is only to either affirm or deny our previous beliefs. Judgement is strong this month in Capricorn, and all signs should be focused on what they are doing right rather than wrong. Sometimes, Capricorn tends to be slow in taking action, although he is always focused on the ultimate goal. All signs will also feel the need to communicate precisely this month, as Capricorn does not want to waste any time! On the 12th, Venus opposes Uranus. This may indicate a shift in love or romantic encounters.

There is a new moon in Capricorn on the 16th of this month as well. This new moon is a good time to plan out resolutions or goals for the upcoming year. Capricorn is a great guide to lead us in the right direction, so all signs should use this opportunity to outline what needs to get done. The next day, on the 17th, Venus enters Aquarius. Venus has been in Capricorn since December, and this may have manifested as a cold alignment for some signs. While Capricorn, is great at being practical, he and Venus clash the most! Those signs who are sensitive to Venus' transits (Taurus, Libra, Pisces, Aries, Scorpio, and Virgo the most) might have felt off in their romantic sector over the past month. The 17th will mark a much-needed change for individuals in these zodiacs! Venus in Aquarius is rebellious, unique, and freedom-loving. This alignment indicates that some signs might feel a need to be adventurous in their relationships, romantic partnerships and friendships alike. Aquarius-Venus is also extremely creative, and we may feel extra inspired over the next few weeks!

The Sun follows Venus' transit on January 19th, when he enters Aquarius as well. Happy birthday, Aquarians! We say a loving goodbye to Capricorn, and welcome this fixed air sign with open arms. Aquarius is the sign most known for their idealism, humanity, equality, and sociality. All of us may feel the need to "break the mold" and take actions that are non-traditional. Aquarians are quick to offer different perspectives, challenge traditional beliefs, and get into intellectual debates. On the 26th, Mars enters Sagittarius. Here, the action-oriented, aggressive Mars takes a more playful role in Sagittarius. All signs will feel more fun-loving, but also restless in this alignment. Use this opportunity to engage in physical activity to release anger and stress.

On the 28th, Mercury squares Uranus. We will feel like true geniuses today, as intellect is spot on! On the 31st, there is a full moon lunar eclipse in Leo. This is an extremely intense day, and all signs might feel the need to take action and lead today. Leo is the natural performer of the zodiac, but he also acts with his heart. All signs must reflect today on what we can do to live more authentically. We must look at the roles we choose to play and how this has panned out in our lives thus far. Leo encourages us to take risks to benefit ourselves and the greater good, and this action can only come from the heart!


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