Horoscope for January 2018 for Taurus

Horoscope for January 2018 Taurus Mars has been in your 7th house of love since last month, and he will remain here until the 26th of January. Mars has likely made you feel dominant, controlling, and even a little jealous! Your personal relationships have been the target here the most, with your romantic partnerships being the most affected by this alignment. If you have been impatient at work, it is important that you find a way to be productive on your own time without affecting others' work schedules. Focus on independent projects more this month, and you will have smoother sailing on the job front. You might need to compromise more during January with coworkers and supervisors, although, you will not need to sacrifice your values here. In your personal life, take the time to resolve conflicts and try not to get too aggressive, dear Taurus! You are usually gentle in nature, but this alignment can bring out your inner bull. When Mars transits into your 8th house on the 26th of this month, you will feel more relief in your intimate relationships, as this new alignment emphasizes your growth on a more personal level. You will be less controlling and more focused on your own emotions rather than the feelings of others. It is a great month to find love if you are a single Taurus, and you might be attracted to others who are more submissive to balance our Mars' aggressive nature.

Venus has been in your 9th house of expansion, higher learning, and philosophy since last month. She has encouraged you to channel your inner soulfulness within your romantic relationships, and you might feel emotions quite intensely during this period. Venus will open your eyes to new and beautiful ways of being, as this alignment encourages you to be free and liberated. This is a great opportunity to dig deeper into a topic that tugs at your heartstrings. Find something that really speaks to you, and get involved first on an intellectual level, then perhaps on a physical one. You might find service work extra rewarding this month, and the planets encourage you to be an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. On the 17th, Venus shifts into your 10th house of professional achievements. Your feelings from the 9th house will continue here, but on a more professional level. You will feel the need to contribute something positive to the world and be a very loving presence in the workplace. It is an auspicious alignment for compromise, teamwork, people skills, and cooperation. You might make deals with others who have been challenging adversaries, or otherwise, focus on harmonious actions you can take in your job. This alignment will help you charm your way in social situations, and you will succeed in forming and maintaining new business relationships. If you are single, you might meet a potential lover or partner at a networking event or social event that revolves around your profession.

On the 11th, Mercury transits your 9th house of higher learning and expansion as well. This sector, run by Jupiter, aligns quite well with Mercury. You will enjoy studying and learning, as you are hungry for knowledge and new ideas this month! You are enthusiastic and social in your communications, and it is a great time to engage in friendly debates and intellectual conversations with others. You will take great pleasure in learning about different cultures, ideas, and even languages. Mercury will take you far in your career, as you will be an astute problem solver this month. In the home, you will find yourself acting and communicating with your family and loved ones in a more practical way. You will encourage others to share your love of learning this month as well.

On the 31st, Mercury transits your 10th house of career and professional pursuits. You will be wise to use your linguistic skills in your professional sector, and others will certainly recognize your eloquence here. You will be talented in communicating with others, and you will seek different ways to keep yourself stimulated at work during this alignment. You might find yourself slightly bored at work, and will need to look for fun elsewhere. This might indicate a change in career, but probably not yet, as you like to remain grounded, financially secure, and practical. Wait at least a few months before making any decisions, but certainly look around for other options if you desire! Saturn has also been in your 9th house since last month, and this will continue the trend in the professional expansion. Over the next few years, you might explore different fields, realize that your job has too many restrictions and is making you feel stifled. New beginnings are afoot, and you are ready to take the plunge, dear Taurus!

The Sun has been in your 9th house since last month as well. You have been examining the world around you quite intimately, and you have probably amended some of your ideals and beliefs about the Universe over the past month. You have been driven to experience more and step outside of your comfort zone. While you may or may not have traveled, your intellect certainly has! Your expansion in consciousness has inspired new ideas and values, which further emphasizes your need to shake things up in the most important aspects of your life. This segues perfectly into your 10th house of career, when the Sun transits here on January 19th. What you have learned and how you have grown over the past month greatly influences you now. You will feel more inspired to share and apply what you have explored into your professional life. There might be room for this exploration, but if not, you will certainly feel the need to make a change.

The Universe tests your discomfort this month and inspires you to let go of possessions and dependencies. Your expansion of knowledge, ideas, career, growth, and personal relationships all influence you here. You are secure and safe, lovely Taurus, and the stars always have your back!


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