Horoscope for February 2018 for Pisces

Horoscope for February 2018 Pisces This is quite an auspicious month for you, lovely Pisces! The planets are balanced on the very top and bottom half of your chart. You will be focused on yourself and your subconscious the most during this time, although there are other planetary alignments to consider as well.

The Sun begins in your 12th house of the subconscious. This is a very generous sign, and you may feel more inclined to participate in charity work, or even offer volunteer services. Your subconscious self in conjunction with the Sun indicates that you will work for the highest good of your spirit as well as the planet. You are already compassionate and soulful, dear Pisces, and this alignment will surely bring the best out in your humanitarian nature. On the 18th, the Sun moves into your house. You are an emotional, sensitive, artistic, and idealistic being. Ruling the 12th and last house of the zodiac, you find yourself tied up with the psychic realm and spiritual affairs the most. While you are also a lover of beautiful things, you enjoy creating art. The end of this month into next is a great time to practice your personal art and expression. You know who you are deep down inside, and the Sun encourages you to channel your inner wisdom through your creations!

Mars, your action planet, begins in your 10th house of work, and he will be here all month long. This is an excellent alignment for productivity in the workplace. You will likely be quite hard all throughout February, and you will take on more leadership roles within your organization or on specific projects. Nothing stops you from achieving your goals here, so take advantage of this! Sometimes, you can be so dreamy that it is hard for you to focus. As a mutable water sign, you are the most free-spirited out of the zodiac signs, but this can get in the way of discipline. Mars counters this natural tendency this month, and you will have your eyes on the prize at all times.

Venus begins in your 12th house of the subconscious. Here, Venus can be very vulnerable. While she is usually harmonious, peaceful, and passive, she may have the tendency to be more passive aggressive in this house. If there are emotions underneath your surface, chances are they will come up this month in an unavoidable way. Venus might make you feel more insecure about your relationships, and you might call into question your partner's intentions or loyalty. If your negativity gets ahead of you, try to reset yourself by walking in nature or meditating. It is important to recognize when you are not serving yourself, dearest Pisces, so pay attention when feelings get out of hand. On the 10th, Venus shifts into your house. What a relief! You will likely feel a burden lifted, and all things will go back to normal in your relationships. You will be highly focused on your relationships this month, and this will be a very important part of your identity going forward. You also might be a little more vain, considering Venus loves to look beautiful at all times. If you are dating, you might fixate on your outer appearance more than usual, as you want to be attractive to everyone around you. Venus will naturally make you more attractive and approachable to others, so there will be no problems on the dating front this month!

Mercury begins in your 12th house of the subconscious. This is a highly auspicious alignment for psychic intuition and channeling spirit in the dream state. Pay attention to any dreams, ideas, and visions you have during your waking or sleeping states. You may receive messages, so keep a journal by your bedside just in case. Mercury also opens you up to speaking about deep feelings and issues you may have been hiding from. Initially, this might feel uncomfortable, but Mercury encourages you here to be honest and open with yourself about your emotions. Once you release these, your fears will transform and vanish! On the 17th, Mercury transits into your 1st house. You will likely be a master communicator, and be very observant about a lot of things going on around you. You are in your head frequently, considering you dream so much, but you may pay more attention to your surroundings this month, as Mercury roots you in the present. You will certainly analyze and be highly curious of those around you as well.

The 15th will be a good but intense day for you. There is a new moon partial eclipse in your 12th house, making it an excellent time to divulge your subconscious mind. What is holding you back? Are there any lingering ideas within your psyche creating fear and doubt? It is the time before your moon to get out any unnecessary emotions and thoughts from within. Clear the space to make room for something greater to come, dear Pisces! On the 15th as well, Venus in your 1st house sextiles Saturn in your 10th house. This is a good day to also reflect on career goals and what you would like to achieve. In conjunction with ridding yourself of what holds you back, you can better connect with your truest desires. To add to this alignment, Mercury in your 12th house conjuncts Uranus in your 2nd house of money. This is an auspicious opportunity, when your ideas may manifest into financial income. You might make a decision, meet a certain person, or begin a new venture that will ultimately lead you to money. You need to articulate exactly what your vision is, and go for it! In addition, the 21st is another magical day. Venus in your house conjuncts Neptune in your house as well! With both Venus and Neptune in your sign, anything you wish just might come true. This is especially true for relationships, as Venus dominates in this department.


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