Horoscope for February 2018 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for February 2018 Sagittarius Your 3rd and 4th houses are highly active this month, making February the highlight of communication, home, and family. You begin February with the Sun in your 3rd house of communication, ruled by Mercury. You will be highly drawn to the aspects of intellectuality and language this month. While you are always looking for ways to expand your knowledge, this desire will be particularly strong until the 18th. This is the perfect opportunity to be around others who share your love of learning, wisdom, and growth. You might also be inclined to spend some time reading and contemplating on your own this month. On the 18th, the Sun transits into Pisces, your 4th house of home and family. You may feel more inclined to spend time with your family and be at home a lot towards the later half of the month. You will define yourself greatly by your connections with your family members, and will have a desire to be closer with them. You can look forward to cozy nights in with your loved ones, as this might be just the break you need, freedom-loving Sagittarius!

Mars remains in your house all month long. You might find that you can be more assertive over the next few weeks. Mars gives you the confidence and energy to fight for what you believe in. You do not need to be afraid, or hold yourself back with others. We know that you are always kind, dearest Sagittarius, but sometimes, it is important to stand up for yourself! If assertiveness is not your problem, and you are already a sassy Sagittarius, you might have a tendency to be a little pushy this month. It is important to take control of your life, but you do not need to impose this upon others. This is also an excellent month for physical well-being and activity. Up your exercise regimen, or take on a workout that is a little more challenging. Mars can help you handle anything you put your mind to!

Mercury begins in your 3rd house of communication. Because your 3rd house is dominating this month, you will certainly be well versed in the art of communication and language. Mercury's aspect here gives you an extra boost, and you will seem to know exactly what to say and how to say it. You will also be a great listener, meditator, and counselor this month. Your closest friends and family may look to you to solve their problems. Remember that you can help facilitate these issues, but you do not have to take on the responsibilities of others. On the 17th, Mercury transits into your 4th house of home and family. You will likely enjoy having conversations with those you live with, whether they are roommates, loved ones, or family. It is a perfect time to have family dinners, or even have days that you spend being domestic. With Mercury in this position, you might also feel more confident confronting others about certain issues. Trust that your judgment in communication will be strong all month, and you have the right to your feelings!

Venus has been in your 3rd communication house since last month, and she remains here until the 10th. Venus in this house indicates that you will enjoy expressing yourself and perhaps even communicate in a creative way. Venus' love of beauty and creativity shines here, and you will be highly drawn to artistic expression. If you are an actor, writer, singer, dancer, or artist of any kind, you will feel extremely connected to your passion and work this month, as Venus opens up doorways to these creative modalities. Trust in your talent and let yourself be free, dearest Sagittarius! On the 10th, Venus shifts into your 4th house of home and family. You might notice ways in which you can make your home a more inviting place, and you might be inclined to redecorate or feng-shui your domestic spaces. You have an artistic eye, and will be able to see the potential beauty in anything you touch and imagine. Venus will also make you more focused on being there for your family and loved ones. Take time this month to really bond with members of your family, whatever that means for you. On the 15th, you will especially feel extremely connected to your roots and your past. For some this may be nostalgic and happy, but it can be challenging and upsetting for others. Emotions may arise, but it is important to let these out to create space for new opportunities.

Your best days are the 3rd and the 18th. On the 3rd, Mercury in your 3rd house trines Jupiter in your 12th house. A trine aspect means that these two planets in connection with each other work harmoniously and supportively of one another. This is an excellent aspect, considering that Mercury resides in his own house of communication, and Jupiter resides in your 12th house of the subconscious. You will be able to give voice and attention to things that are normally hidden within your subconscious mind. You might want to meditate today, or at least clear your mind, to find what is deep inside. Jupiter's luck and good fortune will help you realize the potential of your truest desires and fears. Mercury helps you articulate these things, so it is a good idea to have a journal nearby. You may find out something about yourself that will unlock your highest potential, dear Sagittarius! On the 18th, Mercury settles into your 4th house of home, and the Sun enters your 4th house as well. This is a perfect day for a family adventure, or just a day at home with your loved ones. If any situation arises, trust that your communication abilities are strong, and you can solve any problem. You will be very helpful to others towards the end of the month, especially your family unit.


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