Horoscope for February 2018

Horoscope for February 2018 We begin the month with a planetary aspect on February 1st, when the Sun sextiles Neptune. If we are in tune with the cosmos, we just might wind up in the right place at the right time. Today is auspicious for giving, charity, and positive karma. On the 3rd, Mercury trines Jupiter. This is a great day to go on a mini excursion or travel adventure. It can be a few miles away, or a few hundred miles. Mercury allows communication to flow clearly, while Jupiter ensures good luck and fortune during periods of growth and expansion. The Universe encourages us to fly today! On February 4th, Mars conjuncts Saturn. All signs may feel a little sluggish today. We might be aware of the day moving slowly, or even our long-term goals moving at a snail's pace. The 4th is a good day for something soothing and relaxing, like staying in and watching movies, or cozying up with a good book.

Since last month, the Sun has been in Aquarius, the last air sign in the zodiac. They are naturally independent beings, who might be shy at first, but are quick to bond within a group of like-minded individuals. Creativity and freedom drive the Aquarian, and there is an element of true humanitarianism in the air when Aquarius rules the skies. We might see a sudden rise in individuals in society trying to band together to create positive change this month. Aquarius encourages all of us to take a more progressive approach to problem-solving, and this often highlights compromise. Aquarians are incredible mediators, who are also not afraid to say what they believe. If there is a cause worth fighting for, Aquarians are there! Aquarius dominates the solar system until February 18th, when Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, takes over for the remainder of the month.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. Essentially, Pisceans are able to morph into anything around them, taking shape within their given environment. They are constantly concerned about others, and are sympathetic to a fault at times! Pisceans are artistic, emotional, deep, and spiritual, just like their water element. They can be fearful, nervous, and insecure during their low moments. All signs might feel the emotions of Pisces' energy this month. Those of us who are more prone to emotional ups and downs will certainly feel sensations more intensely, whether good or bad. Pisces encourages all of us to channel our artistic, open, compassionate, and feminine selves this month. The fish wants us all to keep swimming and ride the waves!

Venus has been making a lot of friends in Aquarius since last month! She will be in this position until February 10th, when she transits into the house of Pisces. This is the 12th house on the zodiac chart, the one of subconscious identity. For a Pisces, the world is an array of shades of gray rather than a black and white existence. This is perhaps Venus' most compassionate alignment, given that she is generous, kind, forgiving, and understanding in this house. Venus feels extremely loving here, but is also influenced by Pisces' unpredictable emotions. If caught in a difficult situation within a relationship, one might feel angry, hurt, or betrayed, and this can lead to feelings of martyrdom. The stars teach us that it is important to know and define our boundaries, with ourselves and each other. If given healthy boundaries, Venus in the 12th house can be an incredibly beautiful three weeks!

The most intense day of the month will be the 15th. On February 15th, there will be a new moon partial eclipse in Aquarius. This will be a particularly important day for the planet to engage in some sort of deep, collective meditation and/or acts of kindness. Aquarius energy is used for benefiting humanity, and the partial eclipse brings an extra powerful aspect to this new moon pairing. The Universe encourages us to channel our inner wisdom and soft voice to get in touch with our deepest selves. This will help draw out emotions that no longer serve us, and we can go forward feeling more refreshed in the airiness of Aquarius. Mercury also sextiles Uranus on the 15th. Here, we are destined to connect communication with intuition, making it an excellent day for big decisions and groups of people. Venus also sextiles Saturn today as well. This aspect will help guide us to maternal feelings of love and affection for those we care about. This alignment tends to be more serious and genuine, rather than spontaneous and superficial. Again, as the 15th is an excellent day to contemplate, this aspect also encourages us to see the child in everyone, everywhere. Loving and protective, Venus and Saturn make the perfect parenting duo!

The day before the Sun enters Pisces, Mercury enters Pisces. This alignment will inspire individuals to communicate using art, emotions, and creative expression. The 19th is a great day for engaging in some sort of musical, visual, or tangible artistic outlet. Pisces loves being expressive, and the Universe will support all of our creative endeavors this month! Venus conjuncts Neptune on the 21st. Make a wish! This pairing is psychic, spiritual, and mystical. The Universe is full of surprises, so be a little whimsical, and believe in magic today! On the 25th, Venus squares Mars. Today is hot and steamy, as many lovers will take their problems to the bedroom instead of trying to figure them out. The Universe encourages us to use this sexy, male-female energy to make love, not war. While aggression is likely to arise, this combination can be passionate rather than hostile. On the 28th, Mercury squares Mars. This aspect might make those signs who are feeling a little on edge feel even more aggravated today. Mercury encourages us to say what we believe, and Mars likes to argue. It is best to avoid conflict today!


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