Horoscope for February 2018 for Scorpio

Horoscope for February 2018 Scorpio This month, the planets range from your 1st to 5th houses mostly, so you are highly connected to your finances, identity, and family relationships. While money is a major focus this month, so is family and fun. With Jupiter in your house still, you will have an excellent year, filled with luck in whatever you put your energy into!

The Sun begins in your 4th house of a family in Aquarius. Your identity this month is strongly tied to your roots, your parents, and where you came from. This may also apply to your home and the physical space within your dwelling. You will certainly thrive on decorating your spaces, and putting your own sense of uniqueness into the designs. Buy some funky art, or even make your own! Have fun building your environment, dear Scorpio. You might also be very reflective and contemplative about your past and your childhood. If you are feeling sad or upset about these memories, go out into nature and take in the fresh air. It will fill you with a new perspective and a feeling of levity. The Sun shifts into your 5th house of fun and pleasure. You are so used to being mysterious, that it might be odd for you to feel like the center of attention this month! This alignment encourages you to be entertained, be entertaining, and really let your wild side free. You do love a crazy night out sometimes, so let go and enjoy it, dear Scorpio!

Mars, your ruling planet, is in your 2nd house of money all month long. This is an auspicious sign, given that Jupiter is also in this house all year. You might get a bonus, overtime pay, or a raise this month at work! If you have secondary income, expect an influx here as well. Mars also encourages you to spend in this house, and take risks when it comes to purchases. If there is something you have had your eye on, but just can't buy it, chances are that this month, you just might! Mars takes action and doesn't wait for what he wants. This aggressive nature in combination with money can be risky, but considering that you have the planets on your side, the Universe trusts in you to make the smart decision!

Venus begins in your 4th house of home and family. At the beginning of the month, you might find that you are extremely attached to the appearance of your home, keeping spaces extra tidy and clean. Venus also inspires you to make the home a beautiful place aesthetically, so again, redecorating may be in your future! You will also bring a sense of harmony and peace within your family unit or amongst those you live with. Your energy is light and airy this month, and people in your home will feel very loved and calm around you. On the 10th, Venus transits into your 5th house of fun and pleasure. Here, she takes a step back from making others happy, and instead focuses on you, dear Scorpio! It is now your time to have fun and get a little crazy. With Venus in this house, you will surely be the life of the party. People will be attracted to you because your energy exudes confidence and fun. This is contagious!

Mercury begins in your 4th house of family and roots. While you are certainly in touch with your feelings, watery Scorpio, you might be hesitant to discuss them with others. Your secretive nature can be challenging for others to really understand you, or to know how you are feeling. Mercury encourages you here to take a leap of faith and have trust that others will not use your feelings against you. Who are your greatest confidants? Are they in your family? Chances are, because Mercury resides in your family house this month, that you will be in contact with members of your family and where you came from. These may be people from the past, or ones who you live with currently. Talk to them, and share anything that has been unsaid. It is a great time to engage with this opportunity while the planets are aligned just right! On the 17th, Mercury shifts into your 5th house of fun and pleasure. You will get a lot of joy and excitement from seeing plays, entertaining shows, and cool performances. Your sense of adventure will shine towards the latter half of the month. Mercury also inspires you here to be your own creator, and get artistic! What do you enjoy doing? How can you be creative and have a good time expressing yourself this month? You might be drawn to acting and singing the most.

Your two most challenging days of the month will be the 25th and 28th. On the 25th of February, Venus in the 5th house squares Mars in the 2nd house. You might feel conflicted when it comes to having fun and spending money today. The night might get a little crazy, so be mindful of your wallet and your wits, dear Scorpio! On the 28th, Mercury in your 5th house squares Mars in the 2nd. This might be a challenging day for confrontation. If one of your relationships is going through a tough time, you may exchange heated words, as this aspect makes Mars extra fiery!

Your best days are the 15th, 18th, and 21st. On the 15th, many planetary aspects occur, making it an excellent day for meditation, relaxation, and reflection. Take time to journal in nature, or unwind with a relaxing, aromatic bath and cup of herbal tea. Right now, the stars want you to simply exist. On the 18th, Pisces reigns the skies. This fellow water sign shares your creative, passionate, and emotional energy, making it a great time for getting in touch with these aspects of yourself. On the 21st, Neptune in your 5th house conjuncts Venus in your 5th house. Go out and have fun today, because you never know who you might bump into!


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