Horoscope for February 2017 for Libra

Horoscope for February 2017 Libra Reading the horoscope for February 2017, Libra representatives will be wondering how much trouble they are destined to overcome during mere four weeks. At the end of the winter, you will have a feeling that literally everything in the world is now against you, and against the plans that you have set. Though there's no need resort to drinking a sedative, since it's all not as bad as it sounds! Yes, Lady Fate wants to test the limits of your character, but it will quickly realize that you can overcome any obstacle.

February for Libra representatives will be marked by their rather careless attitude to their personal lives. The beginning of this month will be marked by a major conflict between you and one of your old friends, which will result in the end of your friendship. Realizing that you are the only one to blame for this unpleasant incident, you, however, will not rush into apologising to a former friend. In order to fill somehow the emptiness in your heart, you will begin your searches for the second half. However, for a number of reasons that only you are aware of, the whole month of February will be filled with frivolous people around you, whose behaviour is strongly condemned by society. Regardless, you will still start a brief affair with someone, which will result in another round of rumours affecting your reputation. Stars predict that married Libra representatives in February are quite unlikely to spend all their free time in a comfortable home atmosphere. It will be difficult for your significant other to realize that you have forgotten the promises given just a month ago, and instead you've returned to the rakish life.

Professional and financial aspects of Libra's lives promise to be in February surprisingly balanced. You will find the strength to follow the line of duty even after sleepless nights spent at the crazy parties. There is a great chance that you might hear a praise from your superiors a couple of times in February. And your work relations within the team will become extremely tense (your lack of restraint and a habit of yelling in response to the softest form of criticism are to blame). Libra representatives involved in their own business, will feel a moral relief at the end of winter 2017. Stars will help you to finally find a person among your subordinates that you will be able to fearlessly entrust some of your responsibilities. With your new "right hand", you will once again think about the development of your enterprise, though at this point it will remain at a stage of mere planning.

February 2017 will be marked for Libra representatives by significant strengthening of their health. If you've already got used to spending the end of winter under the reign of seasonal cold, at this point your immune system will be able to promptly fight off all the viruses and infections. The only thing you should focus is the vessels (visit your physician and consult with him on the preventive measures of cardiovascular diseases).


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