Horoscope for February 2017 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for February 2017 Sagittarius Upon studying the horoscope for February 2017, every Sagittarius representative will decide to postpone their highest dreams and burning ambitions. In fact, at this point your life cannot be distinguished as balanced, and it is a huge mistake to take active steps in any direction. You'd better direct all your bursting energy in a slightly different direction (e.g., focus on your looks or join in the fight against excessive weight).

Personal lives of Sagittarius representatives in February will resemble a complicated puzzle. First of all, you will not understand why you and your old friend have a falling-out, and who is to blame for constantly emerging conflicts. Not being able to solve this problem, you will arrive at a rather philosophical solution (allow your friend and yourself spend some time apart). You will want to spend newly acquired amounts of free time on the search for a suitable second half. At some point, you will realize that the miracle has finally happened and there is a person in your life with a great appearance and a rich inner world. Unfortunately, a couple of casual conversations with this new person will help you understand that this person can only smile intriguingly and throw cliches right and left. If you are married, you won't have time to worry about a quarrel with a friend. February promises to broaden your family circle with one person, that will require from you a lot of attention and care. When this elderly relative settles in your home, you will wistfully recall the former peaceful atmosphere.

Career and financial aspects of Sagittarius' lives at the end of winter 2017 do not promise any specific issues. If you are working for a company, your only trouble will be constant differences with the rest of the team. It is hard to predict any particular reason of your losing mutual understanding with colleagues. One thing is clear though, as long as your work hours are wasted on constant bickering, your career development is far beyond the horizon. Sagittarius-entrepreneurs will perceive the month of February as a rather long and difficult time period. You will have to solve several current problems (issues with renting a working space, personnel complaints about insufficiently high salaries, etc.). When your patience will meet its end, you will turn into a horrifying fury. After each person expressing their displeasure will witness your righteous anger, unexpected calm and balance will reign the company…

The end of February will be marked for Sagittarius representatives by headaches, exhaustion and other symptoms suggestive of chronic fatigue syndrome. If you do not start immediately solving these issues, they can acquire catastrophic proportions! Bear in mind this advice and think in advance about the most effective way of organising your work and rest "tides".


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