Horoscope for December 2017 for Capricorn

Horoscope for December 2017 Capricorn Horoscope for December 2017 does not advise people born under the constellation of Capricorn to be too demanding of life. If you are going to wait for a godsend, doing literally nothing, your dreams are clearly not going to come true! Only determination, assertiveness, and willingness to work hard and effortlessly will lead you to victory!

The personal life of Capricorn representatives in December will resemble a one-sided game. You’ll refuse to notice anyone else but yourself, and this unhealthy selfishness will be the cause of your loneliness. Your friends will pay you only rare visits, justifiably believing that you are not very interested in their lives and problems. If you do not have a permanent significant other, loneliness will be your main problem. Wanting to somehow fix this situation, you’ll start a romantic relationship with the first comer. Fortunately, this will turn out to be a decent, though not very outstanding person, with whom you are going to feel quite relaxed and comfortable. However, do not confuse this feeling with love or passionate romance (it is rather a "pill" from your loneliness, and that’s it). If you are married, the month of December suggests you to finally bring things in order at home. And it is not just about cleaning the house, it’s also about the elimination of all the misunderstandings between you and your family. Show your close family members your willingness to make concessions. Gather the family council and ask each family member what they would like to change in order to achieve the long-awaited idyll.

Capricorn-employees in December will have to face an unpleasant fact. Your supervisors will announce that only those employees, who have tirelessly worked throughout the year can expect the Christmas bonus. Not finding your name on the list of people, who are going to receive the bonus, you will act like a true professional (you are going to ask your boss to give you one last chance, and you will be able to finish a rather time consuming project in the remaining days of this year, securing your place on the “bonus list”). Capricorn-entrepreneurs will wave their goodbye to the year of 2017 in a fairly somber mood. You will be quite unhappy to realize that your competitors have once again beaten you. The analysis of your annual income will evoke an equally frustrating feeling. Complained about your own lack of foresight, you’ll decide that you’re going to catch up at the very beginning of the next year.

The health aspect of Capricorn representatives in December is not going to become the major problem for them. You will be satisfied with your state of health and therefore, you will continue your training plan that you’ve recently started. In addition, on the verge of New Year’s celebrations you’ll find it quite reasonable to start sticking to a diet. And you’re going to succeed, but only in case you do not allow yourself a single step away from your plan.


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