Horoscope for December 2017 for Gemini

Horoscope for December 2017 Gemini Horoscope for December 2017 is not preparing any New Year’s gifts for Gemini representatives. No, you shouldn’t expect any issues in your life, although all your previously outlined plans that you intend to implement will face minor obstacles and hitches. Only you persistence, assertiveness and incredible strength of character will make it possible for you to achieve such ambitious goals. In short, you will win all the "New Year gifts" by yourself, without anybody’s support.

The whole month of December will fill the personal life of Gemini representatives with a tense atmosphere. A conflict with an old friend, which took place a month ago, will acquire new forms. You and this person will retaliate to each other in the most vicious ways, dividing the circle of your common friends in two opposing "camps". With the New Year drawing near, both of you will realize that this war interferes with normal living. You and your enemy are going to enter into a round-table discussion, that will help you end this confrontation (no, not in a friendship, but in a mutual neutrality). Unfortunately, the month of December will take a lot of your time and emotional energy for the solution of these issues, meaning that you won’t be able to start a new romantic relationship, and you’re going to enter the year of 2018 being single. If you have been married for a while now, in addition to dealing with the consequences of the recent conflict, you’ll have to quickly decide how to clean up your house and how to restore mutual understanding with your partner. You will spend a lot of energy and inner strength dealing with this issue, but in the end you will be able to restore peace in the family, which will make it possible for you to finally start the New Year’s preparations.

The month of December promises to be a rather difficult period for career and financial aspects of Gemini’s life. With the working year of 2017 coming to its end, you’ll have to rush into finishing all your previous projects. It is quite possible that you will have to stay at work late into the night, wishing to meet the requirements of your management as soon as possible. Demonstrating incredible hard work, you’ll be able to completely implement the outlined plan and go on vacation with a clear conscience. If you are involved in entrepreneurship, the major task of this month will be the competent organization of your enterprise’s work during the holidays. You’ll promise your staff a considerable encouragement for their work, and these people will certainly not refuse to work the whole New Year's week.

The month of December is going to remind Gemini representatives what fatigue, stress and anxiety truly are. Your health is going to get back to normal on its own, once you deal with all the issues in December. In short, the health aspect of your life is not going to cause any significant troubles, although this is not an excuse to plunge into dissipation at the New Year's feast!


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Horoscope for December 2017