Horoscope for May 2017 for Sagittarius

Horoscope for May 2017 Sagittarius Sagittarius representatives will perceive the horoscope for May 2017 as a call to action. If your life has had an ambitious goal for a long time, that you couldn't have reached for some reason, the end of this spring will eliminate all the obstacles standing between you and your goal. The only thing that can interfere with your plans is the lack of confidence in your own abilities, as well as a tendency to look for the catch, even if there isn't one at all. In short, your success in May depends solely on you and on your willingness to act without delay.

The personal life of Sagittarius representatives in May 2017 will not receive their required attention. You will refuse to participate in the affairs that relate to you only indirectly. For this very reason you will not be helping your friends, involved in some new project. Instead, you will focus on what is happening in your own soul, and at some point you will realize that to be completely happy you need someone special in your life. You will start looking for a hero (heroine) of your potential new romance literally everywhere. These searches will have a moderate success. Every new candidate for a place in your heart will have a major flaw, and this excessive criticism from your end will not give you a chance to get closer with anybody. Married Sagittarius representatives in May will behave rather snobbish, requiring undivided attention from people around them. With this approach all your requests will be met with a categorical "No, you know best how and what to do, what do you need our help for?!" When you get bored of becoming persona non grata again and again, you will make the only right decision in this case (cease to dwell on yourself and choose a more sensitive attitude to your beloved ones).

Though your excessive ambition and a healthy selfishness will become the best assistant for Sagittarius representatives focused on their career development. With every step you take, you will become closer to your cherished dream - to the position that you secretly think should have been yours for a long time already. Your gruelling work, your endless hours of effort will finally bring a positive result, and at the end of May you will finally hear the sacred words from your superior, "I think it's time to think about your transfer!" The end of spring has prepared a few pleasant surprises for sagittarius-entrepreneurs. First of all, you will notice that the growth in sales of your products is constantly increasing and becomes more noticeable, making you think about expanding your company. The expansion of business is of course, a very complex issue, and it will require quite some effort from your end, but you will overcome these difficulties enjoying the fact that your business is developing so rapidly.

May of 2017 will be marked for Sagittarius representatives by their careless attitude to their own health. Fortunately, your body will not give the slightest hint of failure, however, an additional ratio of vitamins and mineral complexes at the end of spring will be quite a justified step for you.


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