Horoscope for May 2017

Horoscope for May 2017 Horoscope for May 2017 promises to bring a lot of bright and pleasant events. Every zodiac sign representative having lived through the severe month of April fairly peacefully, the end of this spring will make it possible to continue the systematic movement towards your previously set goals. If you've lost faith in yourself overcoming the problems of the past month, you'll have to spend the whole moth of May 2017 restoring your emotional balance. However, once your life finally goes back on track, a new brilliant idea will pop into your mind and you will do everything possible to make it a reality right away.

The first decade of May will be marked by certain echoes of the April events. If a month ago your family began to fall apart, at this point you will be surprised to notice that your second half gradually begins to take steps to reconciliation. The romantic atmosphere of May will contribute to this reconciliation, as well as long weekends, which you are all used to spend together at picnics and somewhere outside the city. In short, your marriage will gradually get back to normal, and all the misunderstandings that arose between you and your partner will remain in the past. May of 2017 promises single representatives of various zodiac signs not just one, but several chances to start a passionate romantic relationship. You will just have to choose to whom of the dozens of pleasant representatives of the opposite sex you'll want to devote your attention.

The second decade of May will force every zodiac sign representative to focus on the financial aspect of life. At this point many people will realise, that it is extremely unreasonable to allow themselves unnecessary spending on the verge of summer holidays. However, the month of May will make it possible only for the most "heroic" representatives to enter the mode of austerity (a great obstacle on this way, though, will become good old countryside picnics, endless entertainment events and other relatively expensive "attributes" of May). Anyone involved in business will have to constantly rush their careless staff, that is unwilling to work properly. You will act as a very tough boss, ready to fire someone for the slightest tardiness or other minor fault. And then a sudden memory will pop up in your mind, about the time when you yourself were in the status of a humble employee. Upon analysing that the month of May has really little motivation to working process, you will stop being so hard on your subordinates.

The last decade of May will make many people think that the beach season is coming, which means that it is time to urgently think about their looks. Unfortunately, this desire will become a reality only for those people, who are ready to have a light salad at the out-of-town picnics, washed down with a non-carbonated "mineral water" ... Everyone else (fans of fatty meals "accompanied" by alcohol) will have to make friends with their excessive weight. In general, the well-being of most people in May 2017 promises to cause no trouble.


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