Horoscope for October 2017 for Cancer

Horoscope for October 2017 Cancer Every Cancer representative should perceive their horoscope for October 2017 as an important clue about their nearest future. The middle of this autumn will repeatedly place you in rather complicated situations, meaning that it's quite reasonable to protect yourself in advance. How? Well, it's rather simple - do not look for support from your beloved ones, do not share your inner fears with anyone. Make all decisions on your own, completely ignoring everybody else's recommendations.

The month of October will make it rather difficult for Cancer representatives to settle all the issues appearing in their personal lives. If you're already used to waking up and going to bed alone, the middle of autumn will force you to admit - such a settled, peaceful way of life has become a part of your past. Indeed, it will take only four weeks, and you will be able not only to start a new romantic relationship, but also get rather close with your other half (in fact, you will get so close, that you'll even start planning your life together or will start picking outfits for your future marriage). If you are already married, you are destined to get swallowed by a whirl of business meetings, trips and new acquaintances. You and your significant other will surround yourself with people, who have a rather strange attitude towards life. It is quite possible that they will promote the need of giving up all the material benefits or will start strongly urging you to follow some strange religion. In other words, the middle of autumn will bestow a great temptation upon your couple to take off the outlined path, that you've used to follow rather quietly and slowly.

A lot of exciting events this month are waiting for Cancer representatives in their professional lives. If you work at a company and have long forgotten what it's like to live in any other way, your balanced life will come to a complete standstill after a meeting with an old friend. This person will tell you how their personal project has turned into a fully-functional enterprise in all possible details (or how he or she has achieved incredible success in their creative profession). This story will make you take a new look at your place in the sun, and from now on you will stop enjoying the harmony of your leisurely existence. If you are self-employed, the major problem of this October will focus on your own inner world. It is quite possible that you'll suddenly lose all interest in your own business, that you've previously considered to be the crowning achievement of your whole life, and then you'll decide to put up your business for auction or sell it to competitors.

October 2017 will turn out to be a huge test for Cancer's health. You will have to resort to the services of doctors several times this month in order to get rid of unsettling symptoms as soon as possible. Assessing the condition of your body, all experts will be unanimous on one thing - you have to radically revise your usual way of life and get rid of the overeating habit.


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