Horoscope for October 2017 for Libra

Horoscope for October 2017 Libra Horoscope for October 2017 does not advise Libra representatives to jump into the fight with the least favorable circumstances. You should understand and accept that life does not always go the way you've planned. Learn to "navigate" in the vicissitudes of your destiny, try to be more flexible, and then everything happening to you will no longer seem so frightening.

The month of October will make Libra representatives completely forget about balance and peacefulness in their personal lives. If you do not have a constant partner, the middle of this autumn suggests you to get ready to receive a lot of signs of attention from the opposite sex. Do not forget to immediately "sort out" your admirers (you cannot but agree, that it is a lot better to decide, communication with whom of these people you consider promising, and with whom you'd never want to meet again). Also, stars do not recommend you to rush into starting a new romantic relationship, unless you're completely certain about the decency of the potential second half (do not get fooled by looks or social prestige of this or that person, you'd better dig into the analysis of their intrinsic qualities). If you are married, the month of October will make you doubt your choice of a marriage partner. You will be cut to the heart, when you learn something from the dark past of your second half from somebody else. Fortunately, your beloved one will be able to explain how and why they've made that mistake. You will accept this information, though it seems that something is going to break down in your soul. It is quite possible that from now on you will no longer implicitly trust your marriage partner.

The month of October is expected to outline some positive developments for Libra-employees. You will be able to move a few steps up the ladder of career success, however the implementation of your main goal will remain a rather huge issue. The state of your finances will cause even more anxiety. You'll realize that your income at this point is not going to grow at all (as opposed to the prices, which keep on rising at a breakneck speed). Either way, you'll have to choose one of the two ways - either enter the save mode or try to find an additional source of "self-financing". Libra-entrepreneurs in the middle of autumn 2017 will also be puzzled by a number of economic issues. Once you realize that you're not able to provide the entire staff working at your company with proper salaries, you will have to quickly decide, whom of the employees you should fire.

The month of October with its endless problems will not pass unnoticed for the health aspect of Libra's life. You'll be able to fight off sudden mood swings and frequent dizziness with the help of a sedative. After that you will have to solve the most important question - how to find the time for a proper rest, without which your body is unlikely to be able to function normally.


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