Horoscope for October 2017

Horoscope for October 2017 Horoscope for October 2017 is preparing surprises only for some people. The life of the vast majority of zodiac sign representatives for the next four weeks will strictly follow a planned scenario. Moreover, if you are waiting for changes and are taking steps towards them, the middle of this fall will create impenetrable obstacles on your way. In short, do not even try to change this conservative October and let your life flow steadily and slowly.

The first decade of October will not give enough time to most people to build grandiose plans for their future victories and successes. The reason is simple - at this point fall will fully step into everybody's life by sending each and every one of us a share of severe tests challenging our health. Some people would need to urgently seek help from doctors to remove the aggravation of their old diseases. Others will sadly realize that they have once again fallen victim to seasonal depression for no apparent reason. And, of course, the major problem for almost every zodiac sign representative will turn out to be the exhausting autumn winds and the endless slush (these are the factors capable of making even the most sturdy people fall victims to colds and flu).

The second decade of October will make many people realize that minor health related issues are just the "tip of an iceberg", the worst is yet to come, since problems at work might have a lot more adverse affect on their lives. Mid-October will force everyone working at a company prove their professional competence. At this point only one piece of advice is helpful - set aside all your innovation and creativity, since you'll be able to prove your professionalism by solely making use of proven methods. The month of October urges anyone involved in their own business also rely more on a conservative approach to their work. Avoid bold experiments, postpone everything that seems too risky and adventurous at this point, and then there is a chance that the middle of this fall will be rather quiet for you and your business.

The third decade of October will make many zodiac sign representatives think that the most important part of human life is personal relationship. It would seem to people, who are married or are in long-term relationships, that autumn with its dull colors has penetrated into their homes. Growing tired of the fact, that every peaceful conversation started with your marriage partner turns into a scandal, you'll arrange a family council, where a question about the future of your marriage will be raised. Anyone who is single at this point, can put aside their fear of scandals (you will learn to bypass the sharp corners when communicating with your relatives and friends). However, the greatest challenge you're going to face will be the disorder in your personal life. Love affection will continue to exist only in your dreams, and in reality you'll have to repeatedly experience disappointment in the candidates for the role of your second half.


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