Horoscope for October 2017 for Leo

Horoscope for October 2017 Leo Horoscope for October 2017 warns Leo that not every representative of this zodiac sign will be able to retain their "royal" magnificence in the middle of this autumn! Indeed, it is quite difficult to live up to the status of the "king", when problems are pouring down on you like autumn showers. Overcoming all these obstacles, you'll have to admit - not everything in this world is under your control...

The personal life of Leo representatives in October will be filled with surprises. Once you feel that your most cherished dream is about to become a reality, a sudden and absurd incident will destroy your dreams of success. Thus, if you are single, at the very beginning of a new romantic relationship, a third person will suddenly appear in your life as a couple. This person, claiming to be your current partner's new soul mate, will resort to the least honest measures. At first this person will try to discredit you in front of your second half. When this slander yields its legitimate results, you will be forced to say "goodbye" to this love story. If you are married, the main reason for worries in October will turn out to be the unpleasant changes in the behavior of your marriage partner. You will hardly like the fact, that your beloved one is almost not interested in your life, and prefers to spend all their free time away from home. You'll start rightfully suspecting that your husband (wife) has started a love affair behind your back. At the moment you won't be able to find the answer to this question, meaning that you'll have to live in a state of painful ignorance.

It will be rather difficult for Leo representatives to admit that their finances do not reach the desired level in October. No, your income is not going to decrease, the cause of your discontent will be a comparison that you're going to draw between you and one of your more successful friends. Assessing all your achievements, you'll be horrified to realize that this is not the limit of human dreams. Unfortunately, you will completely reject the option of building a new success plan. Instead, you'd prefer to cry in a pillow, and complain at the destiny (in short, you're going to display your least royal behavior). If you are self-employed, depression and lack of confidence in your own abilities will become an unforgivable mistake for you! While you behave not as a fearsome lion, but as a pathetic kitten, your competitors will take active steps towards overthrowing your business.

Leo representatives in their pursuit of making this harsh month end as soon as possible, will pay rather little attention to their own health. This will turn out to be yet another noticeable mistake... If you do not start strengthening your immune system now, you are unlikely to be able to fight off even the most "trivial" flu. You'll be the only one to blame, if a light seasonal flu suddenly turns into the most severe pneumonia.


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Horoscope for October 2017