Horoscope for October 2017 for Scorpio

Horoscope for October 2017 Scorpio Reading their horoscope for October 2017 every Scorpio representative will be surprised and filled with overwhelming joy. Events that are about to happen in the next four weeks can be described succinctly - endless occasions for joy and happiness. You will achieve everything you've been dreaming about for a while now. However, do not even think of stopping at this point, and once the joy slightly subsides, start moving towards new ambitious goals!

The middle of autumn 2017 will bring Scorpio representatives a lot of pleasant emotions caused by the events in their personal lives. If earlier a beautiful love story existed only in your fantasies, the month of October is going to change everything dramatically. You will once and for all forget about your loneliness, and the reason for that is going to be a very attractive person, you're going to to meet accidentally. The first minutes of your acquaintance will make your new passion loudly declare that they see in you a perfect marriage partner and dream of meeting their old age together with you. The personal life of married Scorpio representatives in October is going to be not less romantic. Your marriage partner will suddenly realize that in the past he or she hasn't been spoiling you with their attention. Determined to correct this mistake, your beloved one will show the wonders of ingenuity. Over time, you will stop acting all surprised, accidentally stumbling upon another cute present or upon receiving a touching text message in the middle of a work day.

Many times during this month Scorpio representatives will thank themselves for being far-sighted. The middle of this autumn will bring the first fruits of the investment, that you have made in the recent past. Moreover, the profit, that will start flowing into your pocket, will turn out to be a lot bigger than you've expected. It is not surprising that you won't be able to hold back on a number of unnecessary purchases! However, there's no need to worry, since from now a source of additional investments in your budget will "flow" steadily. If you work for a company, in addition to the joy caused by your financial victories, the month of October will give you a chance to be proud of your professionalism. You will be the only person in the whole "army" of your colleagues, who is able to perform a very difficult and tedious task. When this trial comes to an end, you will get not only a verbal gratitude from your superiors (you will be also very much pleased to receive a small envelope with a material bonus appreciating your efforts).

Such a favorable month of October will have a rather positive impact on the health of Scorpio representatives. You won't have to worry about protecting yourself from the autumn winds, since your body will solve this problem perfectly on its own. However, do not overestimate your immune system! Even such a strong immune system won't be able to withstand severe flu, if you, determined to "show off", leave the house without a hat.


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