Horoscope for October 2017 for Pisces

Horoscope for October 2017 Pisces Horoscope for October 2017 does not sound comforting for Pisces representatives. The middle of this fall won't make it possible for you to avoid worries and anxiety, accompanying you literally everywhere. The most amazing thing is that you will take these multiple trials with dignity. After this October you will become much stronger, and your character will be marked with significant resilience.

Mid-autumn 2017 will make it hardly possible for Pisces representatives to relax. First and foremost, the aspect of personal attachments is going to annoy you a lot. You'll look longingly at people, reveling in the limelight. Unfortunately, you, yourself won't be able to find out what it's like to be "everybody's favorite"! Your attendance at parties and celebrations will remain hardly noticed. You will be especially insulted, when you realize that your attempts to evoke interest of the opposite sex end in a fiasco over and over again. As a result, you'll decide to postpone your desire to start a new romantic relationship (it's quite a logical solution for somebody, surrounded by strange people). Married Pisces representatives in October will also be wondering, assessing their stunningly high unpopularity. If earlier you have been considered a "strong link" in your family tandem, and your marriage partner has been considered a "supporting member", the middle of this autumn will send this "arrangement" into the past. From now on you'll have to be satisfied with performing supporting roles, since everyone's attention and joy will be directed at your beloved one.

Pisces-employees in the middle of this autumn will have to face with an unpleasant fact. You will be offered to sign your own letter of resignation, with the following threats that otherwise it will be made compulsory. Suddenly becoming an unemployed, you will worry for a day or two, and then will immediately start searching for new jobs. It's amazing how much perseverance and work you're going to put into this issue! As a result, you'll find a new job, with a lot more prospects that your former employer could offer. The month of October will make Pisces representatives involved in their own business decide the future of their enterprise. Realizing that your company is on the verge of bankruptcy, you'll be haunting banks with a request for a large loan. Help will come from somebody, you haven't been expecting at all (a significantly wealthy person will enter your life, who will offer their "startup help" with a purely symbolic rate of interest).

Pisces representatives will bravely face all the trials of this month. However, once the period of tribulations and troubles comes to its logical end, you will realize that your nerves are not made of steel. To avoid a major emotional breakdown, you should take emergency measures to help your nervous system. Take out your grandmother's recipes from the "family trunk" (decoctions and infusions of herbs - this is what's going to help you recover rather quickly).


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