Horoscope for March 2017 for Pisces

Horoscope for March 2017 Pisces Upon studying their horoscope for March 2017, Pisces representatives will understand that it's far better to close up in their own sink for the next four weeks and wait until all the troubles go away. You will meet all difficulties, all everyday problems at the beginning of this spring rather philosophically. Having decided that these troubles are only temporary, you will not worry about them and will get to doing what you do best.

Personal life of Pisces representatives in March 2017 is expected to be subject to periodic shake-ups. If you have just recently broke up and waiting until all the memories of the former significant other will lose its relevance, stars have prepared a pleasant surprise for you (your beloved ex will show up again). No, this person is not going to apologise for all the pain and suffering they've caused! He (or she) will offer you to spend a night out together, "an evening of memories", commemorating your former relationship, as if nothing happened. Out of respect for yourself, you will turn down this invitation. After closing the door you will want to cry out loud or scream in overwhelming frustration. The early spring will be marked for Pisces representatives by their solving minor routine issues. It is quite possible that your significant other will once again offer a "brilliant" solution to getting out of a crisis (to plant a vegetable garden, located a hundred kilometres from your home, or get a personal ostrich farm). You are the only one to decide at which stage you should "freeze" these ambitious plans! If you are a risky person, it is quite possible that you and your significant other will indeed purchase a couple of ostriches...

March will not give Pisces-employees any time to get bored, since their superiors will begin to toss absurd tasks at them every now and then. Do not even try to prove to your boss that his (or her) projects do not have the slightest right to exist! Do everything that your boss tells you, and wait until they realise themselves that their ideas are doomed to fail. March puts Pisces-entrepreneurs at risk of spending the whole month on solving issues with some of their investors. When a person, that the success of your company depends on, will suddenly say that he (or she) does not intend to continue investing in your business, you will be really stunned. Once you calm yourself down a little bit, you will be able to find a way to ensure the support of this gentleman once again (in order to reach the goal you will use a familiar scenario - sauna, some light alcohol, and an intimate conversation).

March will not make Pisces representatives to worry too much about their health. A few times in March you will decide that you are standing on the threshold of a severe cold, but upon quickly taking measures to strengthen your immune system, you will continue to enjoy your good health. The only thing that you should keep an open eye for is a state of your lower limbs (do not let your feet get wet; otherwise, any immune-boosting drugs will not help you at all).


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