Horoscope for March 2017 for Libra

Horoscope for March 2017 Libra Libra representatives won't be able to accuse horoscope for March 2017 in a lack of bright events. Your life will always be filled with situations full of confusion, excitement, quiet joy and other emotions that have only a positive vibe. Sometimes you will feel like getting a little tired of such a rapid change of emotions. However, don't try to snug in back to your old quiet life, since your new, dynamic way of life will turn out to be much more interesting!

Libra representatives will be surprised by many exciting changes happening in their personal lives at the very beginning of March. When you, according to your personal tradition, will be pompously celebrating Women's International Day, stars will surprise you once again with a fateful meeting. This will be the time when a person, that fully meets your requirements for the perfect significant other, enters your life. The most important thing is that your new passion will have the same feelings towards you. If you are married, March is expected to fill your marriage with long-forgotten romance. Upon reaching mutual agreement, you and your significant other will decide that your marriage must be urgently revived. For this purpose, you will feel like going back to the first months after you've just met, and will begin showering each other with romantic text messages, making phone calls with no special reason, going on romantic dates and presenting each other with cute little gifts. For people, who will first see you as a couple, it will seem as if you are newlyweds or cannot get enough of each other after a long separation.

Libra-employees will meet March 2017 in less than a fighting mood. Once you learn that your former boss resigns and will be replaced by an insanely heavy-handed person, it will seem that the world has suddenly turned upside down! However, you will be able to overcome your negative attitude towards the new leadership, and it will even turn out for better! The new person being in charge of your team, will be distinguished by high professionalism, great sense of humour and an easy-going character. Libra-entrepreneurs can expect another kind of gift from stars. Your income is expected to significantly increase in March, and it all will be caused by a very promising investor. Why will this person decide to invest money in your business specifically? It's simple, he will like your creative approach to business organisation.

Health aspect of Libra representatives lives promises no issues or concerns in March. You will be able to successfully prevent colds, and your long-time illness will be less and less noticeable. However, don't allow yourself ignoring the weather (even strong immune system will not save you from spring winds, if you start flaunting without a hat).


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