Horoscope for March 2017 for Scorpio

Horoscope for March 2017 Scorpio Horoscope for March 2017 Scorpio representatives will perceive as a signal, warning them to be careful. The beginning of this spring recommends you to refrain from casual acquaintances and from unwanted revelations in communication with anyone. While you are surrounded by solely "piranhas", you should behave like an experienced swimmer, who never swims where danger awaits.

Scorpio representatives will be quite surprised to learn that their personal life in March will be completely deprived of its usual calm. There will be a lot of new people in your life, and some of them you may even want to consider your best friend. Unfortunately, Lady Fate has once again prepared a dangerous trap for you! Once you "confess" to your new friend, he (or she) will run around telling everyone about your secret. Scolding yourself for being too credulous, you will decide to be more careful. However, after just a few days you will step on the same rake once again! This time you will open up to a very pretty person, seeing whom makes you forget about everything (even about being cautious). Much later it will become clear, that this person was not interested in your soul, but in the contents of your pockets. Stars have prepared other sorts of disappointment for married Scorpio representatives. March will make you amazed at the levels of dishonesty amongst people, whom you've invited into your own house. Noticing one of your friends flirting with your significant other will end your patience right away. You will immediately push out this person and will also give yourself a "promise" to avoid getting too close with anybody.

Financial and career aspects of Scorpios' lives will probably turn out to be the most balanced in the early spring of 2017. However, solving this or that professional issue, you should not blindly trust your colleagues. It is quite possible that some of these people has been aiming for the position you're currently holding, and is now patiently waiting for you to make major mistakes. Try to behave as a "lone wolf" at work, and you won't have to suffer from bitter disappointment later. If you are working for yourself, exercise caution in choosing new business partners. This does not mean that you have to say a flat 'no' to anyone offering their cooperation! Before starting a new business alliance, gather all possible information about potential partners, and only then make a final conclusion.

March for Scorpio representatives will be marked by their health being at a very high level. You will avoid all seasonal colds, easily lose a few extra "pounds" and will get used to being noticed by passersby. The only thing you should keep in mind is your chronic diseases. Take time to visit a qualified doctor and consult on how to organise effective prevention of these diseases.


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