Horoscope for March 2017

Horoscope for March 2017 Horoscope for March 2017 promises to bring lots of smiles, bright colours, romance and other pleasant emotions to the lives of all zodiac sign representatives. The arrival of spring will make the world once again come to life. Unfortunately, positive emotions and romance alone are not enough to build true happiness... March will bring financial balance and stability to only a few people, and therefore there's hardly any hope that a smile and a friendly attitude will replace the usual wealth.

The first decade of March will be marked for the whole mankind by a great anticipation of Women's International Day. Needless to say that married people will spend the first seven days of March searching for gifts for their second halves. Single people, on the other hand, will be burdened by the beginning of March highlighting the emotional emptiness. Both women and men without their second halves will sadly observe the universal idyll during this holiday. If you belong to the category of people looking for long-term relationships, stars highly recommend you to spend the evening of the 8th of March at a bar or a cafe (this is where you will have all the chances to meet someone, who is ready to brighten up your loneliness, and not only for one night, but also for the rest of your life).

The second decade of March 2017 will not have the slightest scent of romance. At this point business, as well as career issues and most importantly problems with finances will come to the front. Everyone working for themselves, will have to think about looking for new investments. You will realize with horror that your business has stopped in its development, and it's all caused by an urgent need of re-investment of a large sum. If you are an employee at a company, stars recommend you in the second half of March to avoid relying too much on your colleagues in a pursuit of solving some professional challenges. March is considered a romantic month only in elevated poetry (as for the March of 2017, it will be more like a wild jungle with rather severe laws). All-in-all, do not trust even those people that you've known for many years (this is the only way to avoid major problems and escape the risk of being fired).

The third decade of March promises to be more relaxed. If you are married, this is the time for you to solve current domestic issues (planning your future vacation, deciding on the summer holiday scenario for your children and choosing crops you will plant on your land plot). For many people the end of March will pose a great question of a quick return to being fit. Of course, at this point you still have all the chances to bring your body in the necessary shape, right before the start of the beach season; but only in case that now, at the beginning of spring, you will give up hearty meals, late night dinners and forget about lazy weekends on a couch.


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