Horoscope for September 2017 for Gemini

Horoscope for September 2017 Gemini Horoscope for September 2017 warns Gemini about the beginning of a period of significant changes in all aspects of their life. Everything you've been putting off for later for a long time, everything that seemed unattainable to you, will declare itself loudly at the beginning of this autumn and will make you proceed with immediate action. Try to show proper persistence, because if you manage to bring these September changes to a logical end, you are guaranteed to yield excellent results.

The personal life of Gemini representatives at the beginning of autumn 2017 will cease to calmly follow an outlined path. From now you will be surrounded by whirls of passion, which will bring trouble not only to you, but also to your inner circle of close friends. If you are single and are accustomed to starting a new romantic relationship easily, the month of September will help you meet a very extravagant person, whom you'll immediately want to call your second half. Once you present your new romantic passion to your relatives and friends, they will experience a strong shock and bewilderment. You will have to answer endless questions: "How do you see your future life with this person, who is obviously detached from reality?" Or "Don't you think that wearing blue hair and a torn jacket is at least a little bit strange?". However, at first, you'll perceive all the flaws of your second half as obvious advantages, and therefore, you'll be hardly interested in the opinions of others. If you are married, a major source of your worries this month will turn out to be the actions of some of your younger family members. Once you eliminate the problems caused by the antics of your child, you'll arrange a long family council, which will decide the fate of the penalty for the young "criminal."

Gemini-employees in September will focus their primary energy on career development. You will move forward so rapidly that even your old competitors will be forced to acknowledge - they cannot fight such professionalism. However, up until the end of September you will not get a decent reward for your efforts (an increase in salary or a career development will remain only in oral form at this point). If you are self-employed or are involved in some creative profession, a very promising investor at the beginning of autumn will show a great interest in you personally and your company. This person will agree to promote you, but only with one small condition - following the signing of the contract, a part of your intellectual or material property will pass into the possession of that person.

The well-being of Gemini representatives during the whole month of September is expected to remain at a very high level. Neither stress, nor headaches, nor any other troubles caused by fatigue, won't declare themselves. However, at this point, you'll have to admit that in the past you've paid little attention to your diet. After experiencing a rather tough eating disorder, you'll decide that from now on you'll be more careful and will stick to the diet.


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Horoscope for September 2017