Horoscope for September 2017 for Libra

Horoscope for September 2017 Libra Horoscope for September 2017 does not recommend Libra representatives to rush into anything, worry or panic for no reason. If you learn to live in the moment, abstracting yourself from the unpleasant oppression of the past, you will be able to find emotional balance (and most importantly, keep it this way for quite a while). In short, the beginning of autumn will have you face only one major challenge - that is a complete mess in your own inner world.

The personal life of Libra representatives in September is expected to be filled with the most unpredictable events. A whole bunch of sensitive situations will constantly arise around you (especially if you are not married, and there is no one to control you). You will cause an increased interest from the opposite sex's end, mainly from those people who are already in a relationship. It will be really hard for you to prove your own innocence and that you have nothing to do with this or that love triangle. However, stars do not recommend you to star running around and shouting at each corner "I'm a decent person, and I'm not going to break apart somebody else's relationships!" It is quite possible that one of your married admirers will express a burning desire to escape from the "family" that exists only formally. In short, be prepared that your new love story might be built on the ruins of somebody else's previous attachments. If you are married, the beginning of this autumn has prepared for you another kind of drama. The month of September will settle an unpleasant hostility in your spouse, caused by terrible misunderstandings. Unless both you and your marriage partner overcome your differences, your home will be filled with the atmosphere resembling a battlefront, rather than the one suitable for a cozy family nest.

As for career and financial aspects of life, the month of September guarantees Libra representatives complete balance and peacefulness. If you work for a company, the working pace of your department at the beginning of autumn will greatly decrease, and it will be all because of your boss going on a vacation. Of course, neither you nor your colleagues would want to spend those precious "boss-free" days on tedious work. The situation will change only by the end of September, when there will be not much time left before the returning of your boss. That's when you'll have to "dig through" a pile of tasks you've unfairly bypassed for the past few weeks. Libra representatives involved in their own business will spend the month of September in an extremely unproductive way. For some reason you'll stop striving to ensure that your business is developing, and while the superiors (i.e. you) are in such an inert mood, your staff will also hardly want to work as usual.

September will make Libra representatives recall once again about the importance of keeping their feet warm, and that the weather in autumn is rather unpredictable. However, you will remember all of this too late (only when you've already fallen victim to a sudden cold). Starting your fight against it, do not forget about the main thing - folk remedies are, indeed, helpful and effective, but they're not as useful as medication from the pharmacy.


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