Horoscope for April 2017 for Gemini

Horoscope for April 2017 Gemini Horoscope for April 2017 warns Gemini representatives: there's no need to panic when the slightest trouble pops up. The middle of spring will be marked by both pleasant and exciting events. And they will succeed each other with rapid speed, not giving you the opportunity to take a breather and relax. This is the time to display the flexibility and strength of your character, since this will make you spend the month of April quietly and peacefully.

The personal life of Gemini representatives in April 2017 will not leave them even a moment of peace. You will have to prove to your relatives and friends on a daily basis that you still have warm feelings for them. It is quite likely that an old friend will require you to make another "heroic act" (help to settle down personal life related issues or take part in some kind of financial venture). You won't be able to say "no" in response to this request, that will make you regret soon enough. Whatever your friend asks you to participate in, these activities will cause you a lot of trouble (you will have to choose a lesser evil - either offend your friend with a "no" or "dig through" the consequences of your consent for the whole month of April). If you are single, April will bestow upon you a great opportunity of starting a new romantic relation, though this relationship will turn out to be of an unhealthy character. Your recently acquired better half will start harassing you with their groundless outbursts from day one, and so it's quite unlikely that you will have enough patience to endure this person. Mid-spring will deprive married Gemini representatives of their right to vote on the home board. Discussing a rather important issue, your relatives will decide everything without you, leaving you without even the slightest possibility of choice.

The financial aspect of Gemini's life in April will be stripped of major issues. If some time ago you've started saving some money for a major purchase, the middle of spring will make you realise that your cherished dream can become true soon enough. If you work for a company, try not to quarrel with people around you. Even if your longtime colleague-opponent once again begins harassing you with their nitpicking, do not allow yourself to respond negatively (facing your Spartan calm, this person will quickly switch to someone else). April 2017 will make it difficult for Gemini-entrepreneurs to guess the mood of their staff. The only way for you to regain a normal mood of the masses is to give up trying to seem like a "super-boss" to every singly employee of yours.

April will be marked for Gemini representatives by the strengthening of their health. You will finally forget about seasonal colds, and drafts will permanently cease to frighten you with their consequences. Unfortunately, once the nature finally comes to its full swing, you will encounter a new problem. It will turn out to be an allergy reaction to the flowering of some plants.


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