Horoscope for April 2017 for Libra

Horoscope for April 2017 Libra Horoscope for April 2017 promises Libra representatives a period of peace and calm. Your life for the next four weeks will seem to completely stop in its development. You will feel that every next day is exactly the same as the previous one, with all the events that occurred the day before. Are you going to like this kind of situation? Of course, after all, what else brings peace and stability if not the lack of any movement?

Personal life of Libra representatives in April will resemble an ice rink, with only a few people visiting it. Your communication with the old circle of friends will almost completely stop, and this will be solely your personal initiative. Instead of cheerful get-togethers with friends, you will choose to spend time training your mind (you will begin to attend seminars related to your profession or permanently "settle down" on the Internet portals dedicated to serious matters). If you are single, the opposite sex in April will not see any attention in their address from your end. It seems that you will decide to get abstracted from such concepts as love and romance, preferring a lonely philosophising upon the meaning of life. Mid-spring will force married Libra representatives to step out from their comfort zone every now and then. Dealing with the most boring household chores, communicating with even more boring relatives and executing the requests from your second half, you will be dreaming of staying alone with your computer or laptop as soon as possible (with the device, which unfolds truly interesting events for you).

Libra-employees in April will not express even the slightest attempt to develop their career. The reason for that will be not your April laziness, but the lack of free time. Mid-spring will turn out to be a rather unsettling period for your company, and you, as well as dozens of your colleagues, will have to do everything possible in order to save the company from the crisis. Obviously, at this point you are unlikely to make any savings (you will hardly have enough money for your current needs), but even in spite of the lack of bright prospects, you will not want to resign. Libra-entrepreneurs will meet the month of April in a depressed mood. You will suddenly grow very tired from day-to-day trying to promote your personal business. However, getting rid of this melancholy with great difficulty, you will continue to bear this burden.

April is not expected to bring Libra representatives any major health related problems. However, this time period puts you at higher risks of getting injuries and bruises. Going to the gym or doing the most trivial things around the house, stay alert. In addition, do not let your body be subjected to stresses in the form of an unbalanced or too strict diet.


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Horoscope for April 2017